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Since 2007, Rocket Espresso has been celebrating Italy’s love for the finest coffee by handcrafting the most premium espresso machines. By combining time-honoured methods and the highest level of expertise, their machines deliver an espresso experience beyond compare, and this is ever-evident in their latest creation: EPICA.

Just when the world thought that espresso in the home could get no better, Rocket Espresso release EPICA, an espresso machine that breaks the preconceived boundaries of brewing the perfect cup.

As a machine that delivers in both form and function, EPICA has been designed to provide the ultimate coffee experience, just as Italian culture intends. Its vintage-inspired body panelling gives way to a machine that fuses the best of tradition with industry-leading technology and performance – something the brand aims to achieve with every one of its creations.

Outfitted with a manual lever for precise control of pre and post ramping up of pump pressure, it gives users total control to create the ultimate coffee just as they like it. The 3.6-litre service boiler, constructed of stainless steel, provides strong steam and hot water performance, while the saturated group assembly ensures the water temperature is consistent and stable throughout – further adding to the excellence of the final brew. The water temperature is maintained by PID control and runs with a 24V pump that delivers water at 72 litres per minute.

But its technology isn’t all that makes this machine impressive; it’s a visually stunning piece of equipment in its own right, too. Spanning 40cm x 50cm x 59cm (width x depth x height), it glistens with a beautiful stainless steel aesthetic, perfectly accented by wooden touches and a decorative back panel. This combination of impressive design and performance, offering a superlative level of precision and control, makes EPICA the ideal partner for home baristas with an appreciation for style and substance in equal measures.

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