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Re: Rick Barker, letters, July 6.

Rick is correct that the methods of murder he listed kill more people than an assault-type rifle. However, I cannot think of a “drive-by knifing”! Someone didn’t climb up on the roof of a building and bludgeon seven people to death and injure another 35 on the street below. Seventeen children and two teachers were not strangled to death by a teenager invading their school. A killer did not go to a grocery store in Buffalo and stab 10 people to death. 

All these events required a weapon that could kill from a distance and rapidly. In every case, a firearm was used, with the added plus that more victims could be dispatched in the short time available. Just add more bullets to the clip! Yes, people do kill people, in all instances. We must do something to make it less easy for them to do it!

Gary Morrison


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