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Global warming and its resultant impact on the environment and mankind have forced countries globally to take concrete measures to curb the damage and preserve for the future – and India is at the forefront of this movement.

SEBI has mandated the top 1,000 listed companies in India by market capitalisation to make filings as per the Business Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) from FY23. Coming against this backdrop, Thomas Cook India and its Group Company SOTC Travel, announced their partnership with global technology consulting and digital solutions company LTIMindtree, to launch “Green Carpet” – a global platform to monitor and manage business travel emissions.

Green Carpet is built on the combined prowess of Thomas Cook and SOTC’s deep expertise in the travel industry, LTIMindtree’s ESG consulting and digital solutions capabilities and also leverages the global expertise of Fairfax Digital Services (a Fairfax company).

A SaaS-based platform, “Green Carpet” is designed to address specific concerns faced by organisations, helping them capture, monitor, analyse and reduce their carbon emissions from business travel. It offers real-time insights related to Scope 3 emissions and helps organisations to significantly reduce their ESG reporting costs.

“Green Carpet” enables:
1. Simplified data capture and analysis of travel emissions with real time dashboards
2. Adherence to BRSR and aligned to global audit requirements
3. Swift and easy integration with current business travel platforms of corporates
4. Advanced AI and ML to provide analytics & recommendations
5. Decision making to drive enterprise net zero goals

Madhavan Menon, Chairman and Managing Director, Thomas Cook India said, “Under its G20 Presidency, India has set ambitious ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) goals, & India Inc. has been called on to implement SEBI’s BRSR mandate starting FY23. The need for a trustworthy partner to provide accuracy and speed in reporting is hence an imperative. At Thomas Cook & SOTC, our leadership in the travel sector formed the basis of our partnership with LTIMindtree – a leading technology solutions provider. “Green Carpet” therefore, not only embodies this potent partnership of leaders, but also leverages the global expertise of Fairfax Digital Services to collectively empower enterprises with the ability to seamlessly monitor and manage business travel emissions and drive their net zero goals.”