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This classic Cavallino is a car to covet.

It’s hard to think of a Ferrari that exists in the manufacturer’s entire history that isn’t a desirable car to have in a collection, and the Prancing Horse’s stable of classic sports cars from decades past has plenty to offer to just about any automotive enthusiast. The 1988 Ferrari 328 GTS is no exception, and this specific example, which is available for sale, of the beautiful 80s Ferrari is a remarkable one. With just 6,064 miles on the odometer, the car is a beautifully-preserved time capsule of the best that motoring had to offer in the 1980s, and holds up today as an excellent car to drive, own, and even just to look at.

Finished in Ferrari’s ever-classic Rosso Corsa, this Ferrari 328 GTS is just about as Ferrari as it gets. However, that just scratches the surface of what makes this car special. It also features a 5-speed dog-leg manual transmission, which was a Ferrari staple at the time and still to this day for many fans of Ferrari’s classics. The interior is upholstered in elegant black leather, and the wheels feature a convex design, a sign of the update the car recieved for the 1988 model year, which also included ABS, making this specific 328 GTS a beautiful combination of classic, visceral driving joy and modern convenience and safety. Even among Ferrari’s portfolio of amazing cars, this one stands out as one of the most beautiful and classic to add to a collection. If you’re interested in owning this artful piece of automotive history, view the price and listing by clicking below.