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Omelet roll-ups were my grandmother’s solution to a speedy morning meal before school and a childhood favorite of mine. She would reheat one of her homemade rotis or chapatis, make a flat layer of egg, then stack and roll them up together. Over the years I’ve reimagined the roll-ups into an even simpler breakfast. While my grandmother’s homemade rotis sadly aren’t available at Whole Foods or the like, I now use easy-to-obtain flour tortillas and warm them up in the same pan (and at the same time) that I cook the eggs for an even more streamlined process. American cheese has a special place in my heart, so it’s my choice here, but feel free to use any cheese that melts well.

This recipe is part of Zaynab’s Sehri menu for Ramadan. Find more of her pre-sunrise meal ideas (tandoori wings! tuna melt! coffee-smoothie combo!) right this way →

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large eggs


green Thai chiles (depending on heat preference) or 1 jalapeño, finely chopped


Tbsp. whole milk


Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil, divided

Kosher salt, freshly ground pepper


7″–8″-diameter flour tortillas or whole wheat chapatis or rotis


slices American cheese, torn in half

Achar, sambal oelek, sriracha, or hot sauce (for serving)


  1. Step 1

    Whisk 4 large eggs, 1–2 green Thai chiles (depending on heat preference) or 1 jalapeño, finely chopped, and 2 Tbsp. whole milk in a medium bowl until combined.

    Step 2

    Heat 1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil in an 8″–10″-diameter nonstick skillet with a lid over medium. Pour in half of egg mixture; season with kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. Cook eggs, undisturbed, until edges are set but center is still mostly runny, about 45 seconds. Top with one 7″–8″-diameter flour tortilla or whole wheat chapatis or rotis and cook until tortilla is fused to egg, about 30 seconds; check by gently shaking skillet. Flip with a rubber spatula. Arrange 1 slice American cheese, torn in half, in a row down center of omelet. Increase heat to medium-high, cover skillet, and cook until cheese is melted and tortilla is golden in spots, about 30 seconds. Slide onto a plate and roll up tightly. Repeat to make 1 more roll-up.

    Step 3

    Serve roll-ups with achar, sambal oelek, sriracha, or hot sauce.

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