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Based in Essex, just outside of London’s financial heart, Oakmount and Partners is taking investor finance to a whole new level with its impressive bespoke packages and strategic financing plans.

So much so that they have won multiple awards for their commitment to helping their clients, typically high- to ultra-high-net-worth professional investors, corporate platforms, entrepreneurs and intermediaries, achieve their financial goals and reap significant returns in the process.

Having been in operation since 2009, Oakmount has steadily built up a reputable portfolio of opportunities in some of the most sought-after secured asset classes, including management of land acquisition and development, property, commodities, clean energy, tech and IPOs.

Using their four key principles of business activity: knowledge, commitment, nurture, and growth, Oakmount works closely with its clients to establish bespoke investment profiles and improve and implement long-term strategic plans that drive towards their unique financial goals.

The consulting and management firm strives to provide its clients with expertise, advanced technology, and global contacts in order to optimise performance and reduce unnecessary risks. With each strategy customised to the individual client, investors can guarantee that they are receiving advice tailored to their wants, needs, desires, and ambitions.

“We believe there are no off-the-shelf solutions, as our experience illustrates to us that all clients have their own personal concerns, responsibilities, and ambitions in life. The solutions that work for one person might not work for another,” says Oakmount and Partners CEO, Glenn King.

The team strives to be a leading and respected firm in the financial services sector. Moreover, a trusted partner for individuals and companies gives them access to global markets and opportunities via carefully selected authorised partners.

“We aim to be a pioneer in providing value-added services and products for the benefit of our clients and to accomplish new heights in service excellence and exemplify our dedication to our objectives and to the fulfilment of our vision statement,” adds Glenn.

To that end, Oakmount and Partners was named Commodity Investment Consultancy of the Year 2020/21 at the Corporate LiveWire Awards, primarily because of the impressive way that the company continually investigates new and enhanced strategies to better serve its clients’ needs.

Oakmount and Partners have strategically positioned themselves beside industry experts to enable their clients to feel secure in the knowledge that their investment and retirement plans are not only complete but organised efficiently and with transparency.

Naturally, this commitment to providing professional integrity, privacy and transparency in all aspects of its organisational administration are reflected in the results, which currently boast yields from seven to twelve percent annually.  Therefore, by protecting the best interests of their customers, they are excelling in business, making a profit and maintaining high moral standards.

‘We’ve been blessed with luck, talent and opportunities, so now it is our duty to add the hardworking element, as all the work we put in is for the greater benefit of our customers and stakeholders alike,” concludes Glenn.

To find out more, visit Oakmount and Partners’ website