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Explore a mouthwatering spread of classic ASEAN dishes available at Carousel from 2 April to 2 May 2022! Take your tastebuds on a journey through a kaleidoscope of rich and diverse flavours unique to each country, with more than 70 dishes on the menu.



Menu highlights include:

  • Goi Cuon Vietnamese Spring Roll (Vietnam)
  • Thai Beef Salad with Spices (Thailand)
  • Duck Adobo Traditional Duck Stew in Spicy Black Pepper Vinegar Sauce (Philippines)
  • Or LamLuang Prabang’s Slow-braised Beef Brisket with Pureed Eggplant (Laos)
  • Bing Gai Laotian Grilled Chicken Leg (Laos)
  • Singapore Chilli Crab and Mantou (Singapore)
  • Udang Kicap Manis Sautéed King Prawns in Sweet Sauce and Chilli Padi (Indonesia)
  • Ayam Belado Chicken in Tomato Chilli Sauce with Cashew Nuts (Brunei)
  • Gula Melaka Crème Brulee (Malaysia)
  • Ondeh-ondeh Rocky Road (Singapore)

To top it off, house-made ice-cream flavours such as Kem Dua (Coconut) and Chendol (Gula Melaka and Pandan) will be available for a tantalizing sweet treat.

Carousel Buffet Pricings

Weekdays, Wednesday to Friday

Lunch              12pm – 2pm                $62 (adult) $36 (child)

Weekdays, Sunday to Thursday

Dinner             6.30pm – 9.30pm        $78 (adult) $46 (child)

Weekends, Saturday to Sunday and PH

Lunch             12pm – 2pm                $68 (adult) $39 (child)

Weekends, Friday to Saturday and eve of PH

Dinner             6.30pm – 9.30pm        $88 (adult) $49 (child)

For enquiries, contact Carousel at 6219 3780 or email carousel@royalplaza.com.sg. For online reservations, visit http://www.carouselbuffet.com.sg. Carousel is located at Royal Plaza on Scotts, 25 Scotts Road, Singapore 228220. All prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes. 

Tel: 6219 3780
Address: Lobby Level, 25 Scotts Road, Singapore 228220
Online Reservations:


2 April to 2 May 2022
Dinner, 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Seafood Galore

Live Canadian Oysters
Maine Lobsters, Half Shell Scallops, Mud Crab
Australian Black Mussels, New Zealand Green Mussels
Tiger Prawns, Sweet Clams and Pacific White Clams
Special (Fri & Sat): Snow Crab Legs

Seafood Station

Whole Atlantic Salmon served with Chives, Sour Cream and Honey Mustard
Special (Fri & Sat): Hot Steamed Prawns in a Bamboo Basket

Singapore Rojak

Sweet Turnip, Pineapple, Cucumber, Apple, Green Mango, Bean Sprout, Fried Beancurd (Tau Pok),
Chinese Fried Dough (You Tiao), Rojak Sauce with Grinded Peanut

Gado Gado – Indonesia

Long Bean, Bean Sprout, Long Tong Rice, Boiled Egg, Shrimp Cracker
Fermented Soya Bean Cake, Boiled Potato, White Cabbage, Spicy Peanut Gravy

Cheese Selection

Homemade Mixed Fruity Cheese, Multi-grain Cheese,
Emmental Cheese, Brie Cheese served with Crackers and Bread

 Salads to Table

 Goi Cuon Vietnamese Spring Roll – Vietnam
 Yam Ma Kraw Yoew Goong Spicy Grilled Green Eggplant Salad with Shrimp and Boiled Egg – Thailand
 Nhoam Krauch Thlong Pomelo Salad – Cambodia
 Larb Gai Muang Spicy Minced Chicken Salad Northern Style – Thailand
Thai Beef Salad with Spices – Thailand
 Tam Mak Hoong Spicy Green Papaya Salad – Laos

Fresh Sashimi

Fresh Salmon, Tuna and Tako with Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)
Special (Fri & Sat): Ikura (Salmon Roe)

Sushi & Maki

Tamago, Inari, Chuka Idako Sushi
Tuna Maki, Vegetable Maki, Otah & Aburi Cheese Prawn Maki
Special (Fri & Sat): Lobster Inari, Amaebi (Sweet Shrimps)

Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cake)

Shimeiji Mushroom, Onion, Carrot and Korean Rice Cake in Special Chilli Paste

Dahk Galbi

Marianted Grilled Chicken with Ssamjajang Paste and Spring Onion


Teppan Korean Glass Noodle with Shimeiji Mushroom, Capsicum and Spinach in Sesame Sauce

Gaji Bokkeum

Stir-fried Eggplants with Green Chilli and Sesame Seeds

Watercress Namul

Teppan Watercress in Korean Soy Sauce with Garlic and Sesame


Duck Adobo Traditional Duck Stew in Spicy Black Pepper Vinegar Sauce – Philippines
Pritong Daing na Bangus Marinated Fried Milk Fish with Chilli Vinegar – Philippines
Or Lam Luang Prabang’s Slow-braised Beef Brisket with Pureed Eggplant- Laos
Kampot Squid 
Cambodian Styled Squid with Kamot Pepper – Cambodia
Bing Gai Laotian Grilled Chicken Leg – Laos

Hot Plates

Special (Fri & Sat): Baked Whole red Snapper with Belado Fresh Chili Paste
Weekday Special: Seafood Paella
Turkish-style Braised Root Vegetables
Mixed Beans Cassoulet and Sausages


 Seafood Sinigang Sour and Savory Seafood Soup – Philippines
Tomato Cream with Herb Croutons


Slow-roasted Beef Ribeye
Charmoula Roasted Chicken or Roasted Black Pepper Chicken (on rotation)
Served with Choice of Sauce: Black Pepper or Mushroom


Pasta Options: Spaghetti, Linguine, Penne
Sauce Options: Carbonara, Aglio Olio and Marinara Sauce


Chicken Barrah Kebab – Chicken marinated in Saffron Cream and Mint
Mutton Mirchiwala Kebab – Smashed Mutton with Herbs and Spices


Mixed Vegetables – Carrots, Long Beans and Cauliflowers cooked in Indian Spices
Punjabi Dal – Vegetable Dal with Spices
Palak Paneer – Spinach with Indian Cottage Cheese and Garlic


Goan Fish Curry – Boneless Fish cooked in Special Indian Herbs


Murgh Makhan Masala – Chicken Curry in a Spiced Onion, Tomato and Fenugreek Sauce

Basmati Rice

Kashmiri Peas Pulao – Basmati Rice with Green Peas
Served with a Selection of Naans


Singapore Chilli Crab and Mantou – Singapore
 Udang Kicap Manis Sautéed King Prawns in Sweet Sauce and Chilli Padi – Indonesia
 Pad Thai Wok-fried Thai Flat Noodle with Seafood and Beancurd and Peanut – Thailand
 Ayam Belado Chicken in Tomato Chilli Sauce with Cashew Nuts – Brunei
 Mala Hin Glorious Vegetables in Spicy Bean Paste – Myanmar

Crackers Station

Assorted selection cracker of prawn, fish, squid, crab and papadum
Served with Kicap Manis, Sambal Belachan, Passion Fruits Mayo and Thai Coriander

Malaysia Traditional Satay Corner

Assorted Chicken Satay, Mutton Satay and Beef Satay
Served with Ketupat, Cucumber, Onion and Peanut Gravy

Signature Chicken Rice

Poached Corn-fed Chicken, Chinese Spiced Roasted Chicken
Served with Traditional Chicken Rice and Condiments

Singapore Laksa

Thick Rice Vermicelli served with Dried Shrimps and Coconut Milk Gravy
Topping include Fresh Prawns, Fishcake, and a Hard-boiled Egg

Hot Pot

Duck Meat Broth with Shredded Fish Maw, Assorted Mushrooms, Ginger and Bamboo Shoots
Minced Chicken Soup with Tang Hoon in Superior Stock and Chinese Celery

Sweet Temptations
 Carousel Candy Cart (Gueridon Service)

Gula Melaka Crème Brulee – Malaysia
Ondeh-ondeh Rocky Road – Singapore
Leche Flan Caramel Pudding – Philippines
Sakhoo Peak Boiled Sago with Taro – Thailand

Kueh-Kueh Corner – Malaysia

Assorted Traditional Nonya Kueh

Hot Desserts

Royal Plaza Signature Bread & Butter Pudding
Hot Chocolate Lava with Banana

Seasonal Fruit Platter

Red Watermelon, Honey Pineapple, Hami Melon,
Honeydew, Seedless Grapes

Premium Ice-cream Parlour

 Kem Dua Coconut Ice-cream – Vietnam
 Chendol Gula Melaka and Pandan – Malaysia
Thai Milk Tea – Thailand
Mango Yoghurt, Raspberry Milk, Double Chocolate, Vanilla

*The chef reserves the right to make changes to the menu depending on the freshness and availability of ingredients.