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Enjoy a healthy drink pairing with a delicious meal with Enroot.

Ten years after the launch of Miraval Rosé (and 14 after buying the Miraval estate with then-partner Angelina Jolie), Brad Pitt is once again behind the scenes of a buzzed-about drinks brand.

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Enroot Sparkling Cold Brew Tea was co-founded by Filipina Cristina Patwa, John Fogleman, and Pitt, and was inspired by Patwa’s grandmother, a small-scale farmer and food entrepreneur in Davao. 

The product launched in 2021, with five flavors: Revitalize (Raspberry Mint White Peony Tea), (Rejuvenate (Peach Hibiscus Jasmine Green Tea), Revive (Apple Lemon Cayenne Yerba Mate), Relax (Strawberry Lavender Rosemary Tulsi), and Re-energize (Mango Turmeric Ginger Guyana).

The partnership with Pitt started when Patwa and Fogelman with the actor for the expansion of Miraval to olive oils. After that, they then decided to get into the world of non-alcoholic drink pairing. The goal was to create a non-alcoholic beverage that could be enjoyed with meals. 

Working with a community of chefs, farmers, food justice advocates, and small business entrepreneurs at the James Beard Foundation, this was achieved thanks to their shared mindset of creating a product that could be nourishing and sustainable.

To craft the drinks, a long process of experimenting took place. Tea leaves, fruits, roots, and botanicals were tested and then crafted in a procedure that took 20 hours to brew, making sure that taste and nourishing effects were not sacrificed.

The drinks are then topped with a sparkling texture to brighten the palate, giving a smooth and refreshing flavor. There are only 25 calories per bottle of Enroot.

Ingredients are sourced carefully, adhering to sustainability for the support of natural resources and biodiversity. Water health, GMOs, animal rights, and safe pest management are a big part of Enroot’s concerns when working on the product.

The brand is also a Sustaining Partner to the women’s leadership programs in the James Beard Foundation, to help improve the lack of diversity and equity in the world of food and beverages. 

In an interview with Forbes’ Cheryl Tiu, Patwa mentioned that the advocacy was the brainchild of Pitt, along with leading the charge to look for alternative packaging ideas instead of using plastic bottles and caps.

Enroot sparkling cold brew teas can be enjoyed at select restaurants including 2-Michelin star restaurant Providence in Los Angeles, CA, and James Beard-winning Field Trip in Harlem, NY. 

You may also shop for them at all Erewhon Market locations and select Whole Foods Market locations in Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.