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Lazzarini Design Studio terayacht floating home PANGEOS
Photo: Lazzarini Design Studio

The idea of the world living on the back of a giant turtle is a recurring theme present in many ancient mythologies. But for Italy-based Lazzarini Design Studio, best known for their truly outlandish yacht concepts, this idea might soon be reality – if they can find anyone willing to fork up US$8 billion (about S$11 billion) to construct their concept ‘terayacht’, a behemoth of a structure.

Spanning 550m in length if realised, the turtle-shaped Pangeos will be the biggest structure ever built – and more than three times longer than the world’s current biggest yacht, the 180m gigayacht Azzam. 

That’s probably why the Italians refer to their conceptual stallion as a terayacht, a term which doesn’t even have a commonly agreed upon definition.

The Pangeos, named after the supercontinent that existed millions of years ago before the shifting of tectonic plates created the earth, will comprise hotels, shopping centres, parks, ships, and airports along with a host of other facilities needed to keep some 60,000 guests happy and healthy in the middle of the ocean. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that have been named as a potential location.

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