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First a confession: I am originally from Florida, born and raised, educated, and got my first job at Pratt & Whitney in West Palm Beach. That said, I smartened up and left for California in 1968. That was before Florida went completely bonkers.

There is much talk about how Ron DeSantis is going to give Donald Trump a run for the GOP nomination for president. I must admit that I am not a big fan of Ron. He is a mini-Trump, probably smarter, and more evil. I am not sure whether he would be worse than Trump, or the same, without the orange jumpsuit. 

I can imagine Trump laying into “De-Sanctimonious” for his 90-degree turn on vaccines. He could play Ronny on TV promoting vaccines in mid-2021, and imploring all Floridians to get vaccinated to keep themselves from getting very sick, or dying. Now Ronny is setting up a grand jury to investigate the vaccine makers, the public health agencies who promote them, and probably Dr. Anthony Fauci. Poor Anthony. Can’t we just let him retire in peace?

If elected, DeSantis would probably appoint his Florida surgeon general as his U.S. surgeon general. This guy, Dr. Joseph Ladapo, has said about vaccines that “there is nothing special about them compared to any other prevention method.” Presumably, he is talking about hydroxychloride or horse worming pills. He was one of the so-called medical personnel who promoted these treatments before he was hustled to Florida from California.

Anyway, DeSantis has a long way to go before he can convince the MAGA wingnuts that he is even more radical than Trump. It will be fun to watch. Republicans just keep providing late-night comedy fodder.

Thomas Oatway