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The letter “X” can symbolize a lot of things: a kiss, an unknown variable in an equation, or even death. In the case of Wally Yachts, though, X signifies power and speed.

The Italian yard’s newest model, the wallypower58X, can soar across the seas at a blistering 50 knots (57.5 mph) at half load. The 58-footer, which premiered at the 2023 Palm Beach International Boat Show, builds upon the sleek and stylish wallypower58 but is distinguished by a bonkers outboard propulsion system.

In fact, Wally says the 58X is the first fleet member to be fitted with the new 600 hp Mercury V-12 Verado—it has four of them actually, which collectively produce 2,400 hp. The yacht also sports a deep V-hull to help it slice through waves quickly and efficiently. As a result, fuel consumption remains relatively low, according to the yard. The tankage gives it a range of about 320 nautical miles.

“Wally stands for avant-garde, so it should come as no surprise that we have found a way to unite the very latest in outboard performance with the essential access to the water that the wallypower line provides,” Wally’s managing director Stefano de Vivo said in a statement. “Exhilarating speed from 2,400 hp of motors, peerless handling and a true spirit of enjoying what nature has to offer—these are all hallmarks of Wally yachts.”


The yacht is powered by four V-12 outboards. Wally Yachts

The new Mercurys have other benefits beyond sheer grunt, too. The outboards have a reduced draft compared to other models, so traversing shallow waters is no problem. The rotating gearcases and joystick maneuvering system, meanwhile, enable precise docking in tight spaces.

Another highlight is the “magic porthole.” Essentially, Wally decided to eschew windows on the hull in favor of video cameras on either side of the exterior. The yard says this setup requires less maintenance and ensures more privacy.

The 58X is a stunner, too. She features a sculpted glass windshield and an angular carbon exterior like her predecessor. She also has the same folding bulwarks that create additional space when needed. Without inboard engines, there is actually quite a bit of extra room. Wally says the yacht can be equipped with one or two double cabins and can fit up to 16 people in total. She’s suitable for day cruising, overnight trips, and, of course, high-speed joyrides.

This year’s PBIBS kicks off today and runs through Sunday, March 26. If you’re heading to the West Palm Beach waterfront, be sure to check out these 12 newcomers.

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