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There’s undeniable star appeal when it comes to luxury watches by the likes of Rolex or Patek Philippe. But there’s also a lot to be said for shunning horology’s showrunners in favor of lesser-known but equally alluring under-the-radar creators. We’re talking about F.P. Journe and his masterfully hand-crafted timepieces. 

With a watchmaking maestro at its helm, F.P. Journe’s rapid rise to the lofty peaks of haute horology is almost unprecedented. The company was only founded in 1999. But since then this independently-owned brand has more than earned its place among watchmaking greats.

At a glance

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Industry: Watches Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Switzerland Founder: François-Paul Journe
Watch Collections: dress watches, sports watches, and women’s watches  Parent organization: Independently owned
Annual Revenue: $5 – $25 million USD Website: fpjourne.com

F.P. Journe watch price

How much does an F.P. Journe watch cost?

The starting price for an entry-level FP Journe watch is $14,500 for an F.P. Journe Élégante. F.P. Journe watch prices for the FP Journe Chronomètre Bleu start at $37,400. FP Journe watch prices for an FP Journe Linesport begin at $43,050. At the other end of the price spectrum, some FP Journe watches retail for more than $90,000. 

What is the most expensive F.P. Journe watch?

The most expensive F.P. Journe watch is the FP Journe 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Tourbillon at $115,000. It features a gold case and manual movement along with a rose gold dial, tan leather bracelet, and blue hands. 

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What is the cheapest F.P. Journe watch?

A great entry point into the world of F.P. Journe watches is the Élégante, the brand’s very-cool quartz watch, with prices starting at $14,500. 

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About F.P. Journe

History of F.P. Journe

F.P. Journe’s eponymous founder, François-Paul Journe, a Frenchman from Marseille, began his watchmaking journey in the 1970s. Working alongside his uncle, an antique timepiece restorer, he gained hands-on experience dealing with watches by the likes of Breguet. 

This technical knowledge—followed by work creating bespoke watches for collectors in Paris and Switzerland—was enough to allow him to launch his own watchmaking business in 1999. 

The company’s first release was the F.P. Journe Tourbillon Souverain, the first wristwatch to use the remontoir mechanism, combining antique mechanics with contemporary technology. This approach has come to define the F.P. Journe spirit. 

By 2000, the watch company had grown from just one person (Journe himself) to 50 employees, creating 3 to 4 watches a day. In 2000 came the FP Journe Chronomètre à Résonance, which features a double pendulum. 

In 2001, the company developed the Octa caliber, its first mechanical self-winding movement, featuring a 5-day power reserve. The Sonnerie Souveraine was released in 2006 with an open-worked dial to reveal part of the chiming mechanism. This complex design holds 10 patents in total. 

Today, F.P. Journe has 10 boutiques around the world and produces around 900 timekeepers per year. 

Interesting facts about F.P. Journe

  • F.P. Journe has won the top prize at Geneva’s Grand Prix d’Horlogerie (the coveted Aiguille d’Or) three times—more than any other watchmaker. 
  • F.P. Journe watches are signed F.P. Journe – Invenit et Fecit which means ‘invented and made’ in Latin.
  • The F.P. Journe Cenitgraphe Souverain was released in 2008 and was the first wristwatch to record 1/100th of a second
  • All F.P. Journe movements are made in 18K rose gold. 
  • Celebrities spotted wearing F.P. Journe men’s watches include Robert Downey Junior and Giorgio Armani. 
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F.P. Journe product range

The F.P. Journe range of watches currently falls into six collections. 

The F.P. Journe Classique collection represents the watch brand’s best-known timepieces. These are exquisite dress watches, showcasing the brand’s technical know-how and eye for excellence—perfect black-tie material. 

The F.P. Journe Linesport watch series are technically sports watches, although the water resistance is only 30 m. Nevertheless, the vibe is definitely sportier than the Classique and you’ll find luminescent numerals and impressive power reserves. 

The F.P. Journe Élégante watch series is just as it sounds: elegant. This series is for both men and women and features quartz movements and a distinctive tonneau-shaped case. 

F.P. Journe also has a Limited Series collection, a Boutique collection (only available at authorized retailers), and the exclusive F.P. Journe Black Label watch series, only available to owners of a FP Journe watch. 

Signature materials and craftsmanship 

Inside the F.P. Journe Manufacture, modern machinery and instruments sit alongside highly skilled craftsmen. As Journe himself oversees construction and everything is done in-house, no concessions are made. 

The watch brand’s innovations include the patented ultra-thin large date display, consisting of two concentric discs with the numeral encircled by a driving wheel. There’s also the large four-arm balance, designed to provide enhanced precision rating stability. 

The crowns on F.P. Journe watches are decorated by means of an individually created knurling effect which makes them immediately recognizable. Meanwhile, F.P. Journe watch straps are available in hand-stitched crocodile leather in a variety of colors or in platinum or 6N gold. 

Other signature features of F.P. Journe watches include blue-steel hands to indicate the time and power reserve, as well as large Arabic numerals. 

The F.P. Journe Élégante collection features a smart-quartz movement that took 8 years to develop. If the watch is motionless for 35 minutes, it will switch to standby mode.

Where is F.P. Journe made?

F.P. Journe watches are made in the company’s workshops in the center of Geneva, Switzerland. All components are designed, constructed, and assembled in-house. Today, the team consists of 120 craftsmen with Journe as the chief watchmaker. 

Brand values

Vegan options: No
Carbon-neutral: No
Gives back: Yes


f p journe brand classique - Luxe Digital

The F.P. Journe Classique watch series is defined by peerless craftsmanship and masterful mechanics. Representing the apex of micro-engineering, these high-performing watches are sought after by collectors around the world. Stand-out models include the FP Journe Tourbillon Souverain (the design used to kickstart the company in 1999), the Chronomètre à Résonance, and the Chronomètre Bleu, now one of the most coveted FP Journe watches.

Price: $37,400 – $92,400
First release year: 1999
Current case size:  39 mm – 44 mm
Movement: Manual and automatic
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire


f p journe brand linesport - Luxe Digital

Casual and F.P. Journe aren’t typically two words you would use in the same sentence. The watch brand is known for its ultra-high-end and extraordinarily complex creations. Nevertheless, the company has a line of sports watches in the form of the LineSport. Lightweight, athletic, and with action-orientated features such as luminescent numerals and 80-hour power reserves, these watches are available in titanium, 18K 6N gold, and platinum PT950. 

Price: $43,050  – $96,400
First release year: 2019
Current case size:  44 mm
Movement: Manual and automatic
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire


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While FP Journe is known for its mastery of the mechanical watch, the brand also produces exceptional quartz watches in the form of the Élégante collection. Demand for these timepieces has rocketed in recent years, which is rare for quartz timepieces. Élégante watches feature the brand’s trademarked Flat Tortue® case along with a luminescent dial. Some also boast Titalyt treatment, enhancing corrosion resistance and giving a deep matte finish. 

Price: $14,500 – $44,100
First release year: 2014
Current case size:  40 mm – 48 mm
Movement: Quartz
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire

Limited Series

f p journe brand limited series - Luxe Digital

This collection by F.P. Journe consists of just two of the watch brand’s most exclusive models: the Vagabondage I 6N Gold and the Centigraphe Anniversaire. The former is a re-interpretation of the original Vagabondage of 2004 but features an updated movement with digital jumping hours and a wandering minutes orientation. The latter, the Centigraphe, is released as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of each F.P. Journe boutique and is only available in that particular boutique. 

Price: $50,000 – $91,300
First release year: 2016
Current case size:  40 mm – 45.2 mm
Movement: Manual
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire


f p journe brand boutique - Luxe Digital

This FP Journe watch series is only available in F.P. Journe boutiques and features alternative interpretations of some of the brand’s most outstanding models. Take the FP Journe Chronomètre Souverain Nacre, for example, a gorgeous iteration of the brand’s award-winning design. Or there’s the Boutique Edition of the FP Journe Lune with its striking black dial combined with an 18K 6N Gold case. Peruse the Boutique collection for seriously lust-worthy inspiration for your next high-end watch purchase. 

Price: Price on request
First release year: 2012
Current case size:  40 mm – 42 mm
Movement: Automatic and manual
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire

Black Label 

f p journe brand black label - Luxe Digital

The F.P. Journe Black Label watch series redefines the meaning of exclusive. The collection is only available to those F.P. Journe clients who already own an F.P. Journe watch. This ultra-rarified line of timepieces features black dials and platinum cases and is produced in limited numbers. And that’s from a watchmaker who only makes around 900 watches a year anyway. The most complex model in the collection is the Black Label Souveraine Minute Repeater, only 4.5 mm thick and weighing just 69.6 grams, making it one of the lightest complications in the world. 

Price: Price on request
Current case size:  40 mm – 42 mm
Movement: Manual and automatic
Water resistance: 30 m
Crystal: Sapphire

Where to buy F.P. Journe watches

You can buy F.P. Journe watches from one of the watch company’s boutiques, listed here. You can also buy FP Journe watches from trusted online retailers such as Jomashop where the authenticity of your timepiece can be verified by an expert.  

See our guide to learn more about buying a luxury watch

F.P. Journe shipping

If you choose to buy your FP Journe watch from Jomashop, the retailer offers international shipping for different fees depending on the country. Express delivery is available for the majority of destinations. 

F.P. Journe return policy

If buying your F.P. Journe watch from Jomashop, the retailer accepts returns within 14 days of delivery for a full refund, subject to quality control. 

F.P. Journe customer service number

If you have any issues with your F.P. Journe watch, you can contact the watch company’s customer service department on +41 22 322 09 09.

F.P. Journe social media profiles

Frequently asked questions about F.P. Journe watches

Is FP Journe a good brand?

FP Journe is a good brand when it comes to luxury Swiss watches. Although relatively young by watchmaking standards, FP Journe has proven its horology credentials with exceptionally high quality and highly complex timepieces.

Is FP Journe better than Patek?

FP Journe is better than Patek if you value exclusivity, making only around 900 watches a year. One of the Holy Trinity of watchmaking, Patek Philippe turns out about 60,000 timepieces annually. For more about FP Journe, see our F.P. Journe guide.

Why is FP Journe so special?

FP Journe is special because of the brand’s commitment to watchmaking tradition and centuries-old craftsmanship. Plus, it’s independent and only produces a limited number of watches each year, which increases demand.

Is FP Journe Swiss made?

Yes, FP Journe is Swiss-made. The company makes watches at its factory in the center of Geneva where it was founded by François-Paul Journe in 1999. See our guide for more about F.P. Journe, including FP Journe prices and models.

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