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After the treatment

I am told to avoid any food or drinks for a few hours. And importantly, hold back on that glass of Shiraz or a coffee for at least 48 hours. The most significant side effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity. Some patients find their teeth more alert to temperatures, be they hot or cold.

It’s important to note that bleaching doesn’t last forever. So, to keep my new smile as white and bright as possible, I took home a customised tray for maintenance top-ups. I was given soothing gel, too, in case I experienced any sensitivities in my gums.

As Dr. Verdian noted, “Zoom whitening can last years, but it depends on diet and drinking habits. If you only drink water or clear liquids (plug for tequila and vodka), the longevity of the whitening improves. If you drink two glasses of red wine daily and have two coffees, the whitening will not last as long and may need a top-up in months, not years.” So keep that in mind.