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The figures of the Atlantic Alliance, relayed by the Western press agencies, make it possible to think that the Ukrainian people are united and resisting thanks to Western weapons. However, those of the Mossad, published by the Turkish site Hürseda Haber, show that they have no relation to reality.

Mossad figures, according to «Hürseda Haber»

This phenomenon is not new. Having edited a daily bulletin during the Kosovo war, relaying the reports of Western press agencies crossed with those of Balkan press agencies, I am not surprised. NATO has a long experience of lying to its citizens. This is not an exaggeration, but a blatant lie. Older readers will remember that they won the hearts of all Westerners, including those who dreamed them up. At the end of the conflict, the Alliance generously agreed to let the remnants of the Serbian (then called “Yugoslav”) army withdraw under the protection of the Russian army.

Then, to everyone’s amazement, a number of tanks and aircraft emerged intact from their underground shelters.

During a war, it is certainly not possible to know things accurately on a battlefield. The armies themselves count their losses, but do not know whether the missing men are dead or wounded, prisoners or fugitives. Officers must always decide in the blur of war, without ever having accurate statistics as there are in peacetime.

In any case, while the governments all know that Russia has won and will continue to liberate Novorossia to Transnistria, some pretend to believe that it will invade Moldova as it did in Ukraine. It does not matter that after the dissolution of the USSR, Transnistria declared itself independent like Crimea. The main thing is to continue to present Russia as a conquering tyranny that devastates everything in its path.

Transnistria is that valley in red, between Moldova and Ukraine

It should be remembered that when Moldova declared itself independent, it recognized the consequences of the German-Soviet Pact of 1939 as null and void, including the attachment of Transnistria to its political entity [1]. However, shortly afterwards, it claimed it as its own territory. In June 1992, Colonel Howard J.T. Steers, a US military intelligence officer and advisor to the Atlantic Alliance, coordinated a military operation to conquer Transnistria. For this, he was not content with the small Moldovan army, but mobilized the Romanian army and numerous Romanian prisoners.

Transnistria was a small valley with a microclimate that had made it a secret base for the Soviet military-industrial complex. It was therefore populated both by its original inhabitants, but also by many families of Soviet scientists. It was protected by a small base, that of the 14th Soviet army. The Russian president, Boris Yeltsin, refused to defend Transnistria, just as he refused to allow Crimea to join the Russian Federation. The 14th army, now Russian, more than 1,000 men, was ordered not to intervene. But thousands of Transnistrian women besieged the military base. The Russian soldiers did not shoot at them, but disobeyed President Yeltsin’s orders and let them in. They took 1,000 Kalashnikovs, 1.5 million rounds of ammunition and 1,300 grenades. It was this armed people who pushed back the Romanian army led by Colonel Steers.

This defeat of the Atlantic Alliance has never been told in Europe. You have to have been there to know it [2]. It struck those who experienced it so hard that some changed sides. This was notably the case of the CIA station chief, Harold James Nicholson, who, in the following months, placed himself at the service of the Russian KGB, of which he became one of the most important informers.
Today, Transnistria claims to be the only heir to the Soviet Union, retaining its best practices without its authoritarian and bureaucratic aspects.

When the Rand Corporation planned the current war in Ukraine, it briefed the Representatives in Congress. That was on September 5, 2019. It relied on two reports [3]. In them, they explained that the objective of the operation should be to provoke Russia to deploy beyond its borders, when it already cannot defend them. It is therefore necessary to force it to enter Ukraine, then Transnistria.

We must understand what the Pentagon is doing, not with regard to the situation imagined by the Western press agencies, but with regard to the plans of the Rand Corporation, in this case an additional round around, not Novorossia, but Transnistria.

The European Union has been organizing the blockade of Transnistria for several years, relying on Ukraine and Moldova, two states that have not joined the EU.

The US Secretary of Defense, General Lloyd Austin, continues to pressure his allies to give up their weapons and ammunition until they are exhausted (and therefore even more in need of his protection). At the same time, he has forced them to accept changes in the way NATO operates. NATO can now transform itself into a “coalition of the willing” for operations outside Article 5 (i.e. not responding to an aggression against one of its members). This is nothing new. It was already the case with the operation against Libya. At the time, Alliance members who opposed the war were kept on the sidelines, while others, such as Qatar, were associated with it. This time, NATO will act without having to violate its own statutes. In practice, this means that the Atlantic Council has lost all power. An Ally can no longer oppose NATO’s entry into the war, since the US will still use NATO’s resources with a coalition of the willing.

The defeat of Ukraine, which has already lost the Donbass and four oblasts, does not mean the end of the war. While the Kremlin has already explained that it still has to liberate Odessa and thus make the link with Transnistria, NATO is refining its discourse. The aim is to create confusion between Transnistria (known as the “Dniester Moldavian Republic”) and Moldavia. Then to make believe that the Russian Bear invaded the latter.

Source: Voltaire Network

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