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The Coolest New Stuff From the Last Week

All the big gear drops—from souped-up Blundstones to a handsome phone sling—you should know about right now.

Cool New Stuff The Best Releases of January 2023

Every now and then, we take a break from tracking down the best menswear on the web and direct our finely honed shopping acumen elsewhere: to the best non-menswear releases of the last few weeks. From nifty kitchen upgrades to headache-saving tech, this is all the new gear worth your time and hard-earned dollars.

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  • Todd Snyder x Timex MK-1 Sky King

    There is no shortage of Todd Snyder x Timex watches, but there was a shortage in chronographs. The Sky King marks the first chronograph for the pair’s watch collaboration, and it’s based off a ’60s field watch. Even if you never use the chronograph function for its intended purpose, you might spend too much time playing with the subdials. 

  • Huckberry x Blundstone #1320 Chelsea boot

    GQ loves its Blundstones, and apparently so does Huckberry, which released an exclusive colorway of the 1320 Chelsea boot. The 1320s are primed for hitting the trail thanks to their custom shock absorbtion system and water-resistant uppers, and the shoes even come with an extra set of footbeds to prolong the shoe’s life.

  • Branch Saddle chair

    Active sitting is not for the faint of heart. It’s essentially a way for you to stay active while you’re sitting, and Branch’s new Saddle chair is an excellent foray into the health trend. Made in collaboration with the Finnish brand MyKolme, the Saddle chair is more of a stool, which forces you to sit in a way that engages your core and takes the pressure off your lower back. It’s Branch’s first entry into the active-sitting category, but if it’s too much for you, the brand makes some excellent office chairs (which we know because we’ve tried them).

  • Fly By Jing Sichuan Gold

    Part of the fun of watching Sean Evans interview people on the series “Hot Ones” is getting the hot sauces they use in the series and trying them at home to see if you’d fare better than your favorite celebrities (Idris Elba, looking at you). Fly By Jing’s Sichuan Gold has been featured on the web series before, and it’s now available for purchase. It’s a very, very hot condiment, packing nine times the heat of the brand’s flagship chili oil, so last dab at your own discretion.

  • Canopy humidifier plus

    Actually stylish humidifier brand Canopy’s latest gadget goes even bigger with a tank that accommodates rooms up to 1,000 square feet versus the regular model’s 500-square-feet coverage capacity. Aside from the boosted size and coverage area, the device is pretty much the same as the original: including dishwasher-safe parts, mist-free moisture, and an embedded UV light that kills 99.9% of gross stuff. And if you really like Canopy, you can even sign up for the brand’s subscription service to get regular deliveries for its anti-microbial filters every six weeks (less work for you in the long run).

  • Parachute leather sling chair

    We’ve raved plenty about Parachute’s top-shelf bedding—but its line of accompanying furniture, a recent product category for the company, is nothing to snooze on. The brand recently launched a chair inspired by ‘50s Spanish furniture that features a low-slung, leather-bound seat which is primed for leaning back and settling in with a book. Consider bookmarking it for the coziest corner of your home. 

  • Sabah Bois eau de parfum

    Sabah is more known for its shoes, so we were intrigued by its new entry into eau de parfums that’s dubbed Bois. According to the brand, the warm scent—a leathery aroma mixed with frankincense, fir, and patchouli—was designed to evoke feelings of the American southwest and the eastern Mediterranean. Plus, it’s all housed in a sleek glass bottle finished off with a leather cap that’s practically begging to be flexed on your dresser table.

  • Anyday the meal prep set

    If you haven’t heard of Anyday, we’ll give you the lowdown: The brand really wants you to use your microwave more. The cookware is all meant to help you actually cook delicious food with your microwave, dismissing the common wisdom that your trusty reheater “Chef Mike” should only be reserved for warming up already-made food. The meal prep set includes the brand’s new freezer trays, which are the ultimate meal prep underdogs, and come with silicone lids that keep funky freezer smells and flavors from seeping into your food. 

  • Lojel Iloj phone sling

    Suitcase brand Lojel makes much more than luggage—like this phone sling, which is part of the new Iloj collection that also includes a wallet and a key holder. As phones get bigger, pant pockets feel less and less accommodating, so consider keeping your phone on hand with a neat little accessory instead.

  • Fishwife Cantabrian anchovies (3-pack)

    Tinned fish has really had a moment over the past year, with the highly ‘grammable brand Fishwife taking the internet by storm. Its latest release—because tinned fish get releases now—is a salt- and umami-packed anchovy. The little fish are salt-cured for anywhere between six to 12 months, and they’re sourced from a sustainable anchovy fishery in Europe which is the first to be certified by the MSC, a group that sets the standard for sustainable fishing. Throw these into practically any meal, or even a dirty martini, for some added umami oomph.

  • Houseplant spike ashtray

    This is not your typical ashtray, but then again nothing from Seth Rogen’s brand Houseplant—an array of well-designed weed accessories and paraphernalia—is just average. The cast-iron ashtray features spikes to hold your joints, which are removable and easy to clean when the party’s over. Even non-smokers might enjoy having this hedgehog-like home decor just lying around the house.