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One of the many reasons that Mr Armani is an enduring fashion icon with an incredibly successful business is that he is unapologetically himself in his vision and stays true to his core customer. He never deviates from his timeless sense of elegance, so much so that his collections don’t really date. You could wear an Armani Privé piece from 10 years ago and it would look just as a fabulous as though it were made today. His concept for each collection goes above our preconceived notions of fashion seasons so when you buy a piece from Armani, you are buying something that you will have forever and more importantly will be able to wear forever.

I find this look extremely fun, he also showed it in navy. First of all I am partial to a sequin suit, we all know that, but how fabulous would this suit be broken up? Wear the trouser with a white T-shirt in the summer and the jacket with a jean in the winter.