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Barista at H.R. Owen Bugatti

At the helm is a trained barista, ready to make any of the classic coffees / ©Krishan Parmar

Located at the iconic French luxury marque’s London showroom, the coffee bar is inspired by the perfectionist ideals of its namesake. As a man who was only satisfied by the best, Ettore did not just strive for excellence in automobiles but also bike frames, razors and locks to name a few.

If he was unable to find a product that met his high standards, he would design his own. These ideals are reflected in Mayfair’s new espresso spot. A top-of-the-range Italian espresso machine — a homage to Ettore’s birthplace — serves delectable coffee to visitors and passers-by alike. At the helm is a trained barista, ready to make any of the classic coffees, be it cappuccino, espresso, latte, americano, flat white or macchiato.

For those looking for the true Bugatti experience, one coffee order in particular will stand out, aptly named The Ettore Shot. This is a shot of espresso, served in an exquisite Bugatti carbon fiber espresso cup. Priced at £50 the Ettore Shot grants you full access to the stunning London showroom.

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Bugatti with coffee cup

Bugatti-designed furniture is finished with the same high-quality materials as its cars / ©Krishan Parmar

Inside you can observe a Bugatti, one of the fastest and most timelessly beautiful cars in the world, while you learn more about the historic French luxury brand from the ambassadors based there. These ambassadors know the history of the 113-year-old company inside out and have actually driven the cars so are able to give unrivaled insight into what it feels like to drive a $3 million hypercar.

The lounge itself is furnished using Bugatti-designed armchairs. These are upholstered in the finest quality leather and blue-tinted carbon fiber, the exact same materials that can be found in its cars — a true testament to the brand’s design ethos.

This showroom is not just for the cars, it is one of the only locations that display the full range of Bugatti’s merchandise, from hats and clothing to model cars and smart watches, with items covering all price ranges.

HR Owen

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