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Boris Johnson: BoJo, Boris ‘Big Dog’ Johnson, Beano Boris or Boris the Menace (coined by The Private Eye) and The Blonde Bombshell

Carrie Johnson: Carrie Antoinette and Lady Macbeth (both with blatant sexist undertones) and Princess Nut Nuts (which, again, Dominic Cummings reportedly coined)

Michael Gove: The Gover (or, at least, back-to-back Boris tweets referred to him as such)

Matt Hancock: Action Matt

Suella Braverman: Leaky Sue (following the security breach, that led to her resignation… then reappointment)

Kwasi Kwarteng: Kami-Kwasi (dubbed following the financial chaos that ensued after his mini-budget was announced)

Cleo Watson: The Gazelle (due to her leggy, elegance… often alongside Dominic Cummings who was described as ‘a pit pony’ in comparison)

Ed Miliband: Red Ed

Sir Keir Starmer: Special K, Sir Beer Korma (reportedly dubbed by Boris Johnson), Keith (derogatory term to imply he’s boring)

Nadine Dorries: Mad Nads (dubbed by the Twittosphere)

Jeremy Corbyn: Jezza, TSL ‘the supreme leader’ (coined by Seamus Milne, Corbyn’s director of strategy and communication), Beardman

Theresa May: Maybot (after that dancing episode) and Theresa Maybe

David Cameron: Dave (supposedly what he is known as by friends… and of course there was Isabel Oakeshott and Michael Ashcroft’s unauthorised biography on the former-PM, Call Me Dave)

Gordon Brown: Flash Gordon

Tony Blair: Tony Blur

Margaret Thatcher: That Great Charmer (anagram of Margaret Thatcher) and ‘The Iron Lady’ (testament to how a nickname can stick)