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In the mood for finely-crafted and personalized cocktails? This bar offers guests all this and more within its classically elegant interiors. 

Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind in after work or enjoy a few (or many) happy hour drinks with friends, the Baccarat Room and Bar in Solaire has a lot to offer. Previously called “The Cigar Bar,” the establishment’s current title is inspired by the popular casino game of the same name. It’s a fitting change, as the bar is located beneath Solaire’s expansive casino.  

Immediately upon entering the drinkery, one will notice its warm lighting and wooden fixtures, which lend an elegant Art Deco and “speakeasy” look to its interiors. Its stunning bar counter, carpeted floors, plush couches, and shelves of cigars, liqueurs, and wines further add to this classy visual aesthetic. 

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Here, guests can enjoy a wide selection of traditional liqueurs or take a sip of some finely-crafted cocktails created by skilled bartenders. The bar’s main mixologists—Melody Joy Lim and Klarenz Tagbago—won 1st place at the Remy Martin 1738’s cocktail competition in 2022, so guests can be assured that their drinks are in capable hands. 

One of Baccarat Room and Bar’s main mixologists, Melody Joy Lim.
Klarenz Tagbago, the bar’s other main mixologist, whipping up a delightful concoction.

Inspired by Storytelling

Upon reviewing the bar’s comprehensive menu, one might notice that most drinks are named after popular old films, such as Sunset Boulevard, Casa Blanca, Citizen Kane, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Rashomon—a small but playful touch that discerning cinephiles would appreciate. 

Some signature drinks include Smoke Old Fashion and Lost in Translation, the latter being an original concoction by Mr.Tagbago. Lost in Translation has a bittersweet taste to it, and was inspired by a past relationship of the bartender, which was fraught with miscommunication—hence the name and flavor profile. 

A Smoke Old Fashion

Ms.Lim, on the other hand, created “Bella,” a cocktail with an aromatic and long finish that was made specifically for Women’s Month. Lim also has another signature drink named “Pace e Amore” (Italian for “Peace and Love”), which was the entry for her first global competition. The cocktail is a spirit-forward and refreshing one, with a chocolate note and cherry finish. 

Such personal touches show the care and dedication these bartenders put into their creations, demonstrating their knack for infusing storytelling into their work. 

A Personalized Surprise

If you’re not sure what to order or are in the mood for something new, you can opt to try a “Surprise Me!” drink—a bespoke creation that isn’t part of the bar’s menu. Simply inform the bartender of your preferred cocktail flavor profile, and they’ll whip up a delectable mix just for you.

Four “Surprise Me!” drinks
Preparing a custom cocktail

So whether you’re into sweet and fruity drinks or sour and bitter ones, you’re sure to be accommodated. The mixologists will even name the custom creation after you; it’s a thoughtful gesture that adds to the offer’s charm. 

Some “Surprise Me!” cocktails that Baccarat Room and Bar preparedeach one named after the person who ordered them/Photo by Pilar Gonzalez

The Complete Package

Of course, no happy hour is complete without some sumptuous food to pair with drinks and good company. The bar also has a selection of mouth-watering dishes that you can sink your teeth into as you sip and chat. Some commendable examples include their hearty beef sliders and a cheese platter. 

The curated cigar section of the bar, which includes a rosewood humidor.

Those looking for quality cigars can also choose from the bar’s large, world-class collection composed of both local and imported tobacco. Some brands they carry include Arturo Fuente, 1881 Perique, and Cohiba. This frequently-replenished assemblage is kept in pristine condition using a rosewood humidor, which ensures peak freshness. 

A selection of 1881 Perique cigars

For reservations and more information on the Baccarat Room and Bar’s offers, you may visit their official website page at https://www.solaireresort.com/dining/baccarat-room-bar. You may also follow their Facebook and email them through [email protected].

Photos courtesy of the Baccarat Room and Bar.