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According to the Telegraph, a spokesman for the Conservative Party leader was unable to say where the family would live, but pointed out that in the last leadership contest he told an interviewer his family had been happy living in Downing Street and he expected to move them back there if he won. The Metropolitan Police is also likely to urge Sunak to move into the secure space of Number 10, though with £730 million at their disposal, the Sunaks could afford their own security. Sunak will also have to decide whether to accept a voluntary cut to his salary as Prime Minister as a symbolic gesture in the cost of living crisis, which David Cameron also did.

New Conservative Party leader and incoming prime minister Rishi Sunak

Chris McGrath/Getty Images

But even during their last Downing Street tenancy, Rishi and Akshata made moves towards a more private set up. Amid rabid media attention over her non-domicile tax status (which she later relinquished) in April this year, Akshata moved out and into their Kensington residence, where Rishi joined them on weekends. 

Sunak said at the time: ‘The decision was nothing to do with what had happened. It was everything to do with the fact that our eldest daughter was in her last term of primary school and wanted to be able to walk to school by herself every day.’ Only weeks later, in the early days of July, Rishi resigned and joined them full time.