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French footballer and legend on and off the field Karim Benzema can now boast another title to his long list of successes – the latest ambassador for Italian luxury brand Fendi’s new sneaker, the Fendi Faster.

Benzema locked in the new title after wearing the brand to accept Men’s Player of the Year at the recent 2022 UEFA Awards. The details: a black pinstriped cotton with matching FF micro details that came from the label’s men’s fall 2022 collection. The lad looked sharp.

The choice of Benzema as ambassador for the latest Fendi product is the latest link between the stars of Real Madrid and luxury fashion brands. Just last week it was announced that fellow Italians, Zegna, were now designing the team’s travel uniforms.

Karim Benzema for Fendi Faster. Image: Fendi

In the new campaign, the 34-year-old striker strikes a pose in the new Fendi Faster sneaker in black, light blue and beige colourways.

Benzema in particular however highlights the plurality that Fendi want their sneaker to be seen in. An exemplary player on the field, Benzema “embodies the progressive spirit” that the Fendi Faster carries within its design.

The Fendi Faster. Image: Fendi

The latest luxury sneaker to join the market, to understand the concept of the Fendi Faster one simply needs to look to the name. A blend of the maison’s traditional use of luxury materials along with technical fabrics to create a sneaker that maintains a solid mix of function and without sacrificing aesthetic.

Currently available in four options – red, black, beige and white – where the Fendi Faster perhaps stands out amongst its peers is where the balance sits between creating a sneaker that can perform as well as it pleases the eye. Current trends have pushed sneaker silhouettes to their outer limits. While still conveying a significant heft, Fendi Faster retains a sleekness that is signature of the Rome-based maison’s oeuvre.