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School is back! Whether you’ve been waiting for it or dreading it, it’s again time to send your little ones off to learn. For many children and parents, the beginning of the school year is an exciting time. The prospects of new friends and new adventures give kids something to truly look forward to. Celebrate the occasion or reward your child’s thirst for knowledge with one of these back-to-school Flik Flak watches! The brand is catered to kids of all ages and their colourful and fun watches are sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.

Back-to-School Flik Flak Watches

Flik Flak Fairy Cool | Crystal Set Dial | Pink and Purple Strap FBNP196

The Flik Flak Fairy Cool watch is for the child with a wild imagination and a love for all things magical. The strap is made of purple recycled PET with a pink underside. The pattern on the watch shows multiple fairies and small flowers, and butterflies. The 31.8 mm watch case is made of bio-sourced plastic. It’s pink, translucent and glittery. The buckle on the watch is also pink and translucent. Completing the watch design is the pink, purple and white dial. The indices are accented by pink crystals. This watch is perfect for a younger child as the hour-markers, minutes and numbers are large and easy to read.

Back-to-School Flik Flak Watches

Flik Flak Coolozaurus | White Dial | Grey Dinosaur Fabric Strap FBNP197

Have you ever wondered what kind of dinosaur you are? We’re pretty sure your child has. Maybe if you’re lucky they’ll declare you a Coolozaurus. Just like this Flik Flak Coolozaurus watch. The strap is grey recycled PET. The top side has pterodactyls, stegosauruses, T-Rexes and triceratops. The back of the strap has a pattern of dark grey footsteps. The dial is grey with green detailing. The watch’s case is made of bio-sourced plastic and is also grey. This is the perfect watch for a child in love with learning and history.


Flik Flak Vikings | Blue Dial | Blue Patterned Recycled Strap FPNP122

For your little brave explorer we have the Flik Flak Viking watch. The blue strap features two vikings with their iconic horned helmets. A viking ship can be seen at the bottom of the watch surrounded by the sea. The watch has a translucent blue case and a light blue dial. The model’s numbers are slimmer and not as large, so this watch is suited for a child who is slightly more advanced at reading the time. The hands of the watch are blue batons and the second hand is orange, complementing the orange minute and hour indices.

Back-to-School Flik Flak Watches

Flik Flak Garden Fiesta MAGICAL FOREST Recycled PET Strap FPNP030C

If you’d like your child to remember your summer adventures, why not get them the Flik Flak Magical Forest watch from the brand’s Garden Fiesta line. This pastel model has an opaque pink case and buckle. The dial is in similar tones with clear large hour-markers and blue and lilac baton hands. The strap is light blue. It’s made of recycled PET material. Additionally, it’s decorated with images of flowers, birds and deer. The watch can be used both for children who are just now learning the time and children who can already read a watch.

cherries and strawberries watch

Flik Flak Garden Fiesta CHERRYTASTIC Recycled PET Strap FPNP057C

Last but not least, we have the sweet Cherrytastic Flik Flak watch. The topside of the PET strap is a mint colour and is decorated with a pattern of vibrant red cherries and sweet pink straberries. The plastic case is also a bright red. The mint and white dial features a pink gingham section with two cherries. To get the dial to stand out even more, it has been set with white crystals as indices. The blue hour-markers match the blue hand.

What do you think of our choices for back-to-school Flik Flak watches? Let us know in the comments below!