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When you’re surrounded by unfamiliar machines and people who already know what they’re doing, working out in public can be an intimidating experience for anyone.

It’s never too late to start on your new year’s resolutions, and going to the gym is at the top of many people’s lists.

But how do you overcome gymtimidation when you’re a first timer? Here are some tips that may help you feel more comfortable with working out in public.

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Find the place that suits you

It’s often said that anyone working out at the gym is too focused on their own training to pay attention to you. But sometimes that’s not enough to get rid of first day jitters.

Which is why it’s important to find the place that makes you feel most comfortable. If you’re feeling intimidated about being surrounded by gym bros, you could try signing up for classes that are mainly for women.

You can also do trial runs of several gyms before you decide to sign up. If you still have an aversion to gyms, try looking for other exercise options, like yoga, weightlifting, or CrossFit just to name a few.

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Building the habit

According to research, it can take anywhere from 18 to 254 days to form a habit. At the beginning of your gym sessions, don’t be shy to take it easy.

Just doing stretches and light workouts at first will help you progress to more intensive training.

Signing up for regular classes can also give you more motivation to go to the gym and is a good way to make friends.

Familiarize yourself with moves and the equipment

If you don’t know how certain machines work, you can always ask staff or other gym goers. Most people will be happy to help.

You can also practice basic moves and learn how to structure a workout with the help of fitness professionals on YouTube. Mastering these will help you feel more sure of yourself while working out.

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Consider hiring a trainer

If you have the means, having a trainer guide you through your workouts can be extremely helpful.

You may also feel more comfortable moving around the gym with a professional beside you. 

Look for a trainer who can teach you the how and why of working out, so that you can eventually progress to doing it by yourself.

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