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Things in Japan that just make sense.

Riku Tazumi, the founder of entertainment startup ANYCOLOR Inc., begins to reap the rewards from the venture he started as a university student.

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Tazumi was only 21 back when he established the formerly named Ichikara Inc. Five years and a fortune ago, all he carried was his vision to create a next-generation entertainment company.

From there, he set the company’s mission to use technology to transform all content into “A New Magical Experience.”

Specifically, ANYCOLOR has grown to produce the VTuber/Virtual Liver project NIJISANJI, global VTuber projects, and other new ventures.

“In our role as forerunner of a new era, we are employing the latest technology to give tangible form to people’s dreams, bringing magic to the everyday lives of people around the world,” ANYCOLOR posted on its website.

Tazumi has achieved more than just his initial goal. He’s also earning handsomely from the entertainment startup, as shares of the company have increased eightfold since its recent Tokyo debut.

Now one of Japan’s youngest billionaires, he has a 45-percent stake ($1.1 billion) in the $2.5-billion company.

ANYCOLOR is now one of the best performers on the market. The firm stays afloat even as the yen dropped to its lowest level in decades against the US dollar.

Banner Photo by ANYCOLOR via website.