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A new luxury perfume house is born and its discovery will be an incredible experience reserved for an exclusive and confidential clientele.

In an Instagram post the brand states, “The Rémy Cointreau Group writes a new page in its history with the creation of a luxurious perfume house: Maison Psyché, an exceptional house that draws on the special blending and ageing savoir-faire specific to the spirits industry to elevate the finest raw materials of perfumery and create unrivalled fragrances.”

According to the same post, the reason behind this initiative is: “Maison Psyché is enshrined in the belief that the most remarkable creations are born when exceptional terroirs and the alchemy of masters’ and artisans’ savoir-faire come together. There is a connection between Baptiste Loiseau, Cellar Master of the Maison Rémy Martin, and Sophie Labbé, Principal Perfumer at Firmenich, the creative souls of our House.”

Image from Instagram @remycointreau

In the words of Loiseau and Labbé, “Maison Psyché was born from our shared love for the terroirs and age-old expertise, both in Cognac and further afield where perfumery’s finest raw materials blossom. These carefully selected raw materials form the foundations of five exceptional olfactory creations making up the first Maison Psyché collection. We left them to age in the Maison Rémy Martin cellars in Cognac to allow them to expand their range of expression in our tonnelets (small oak casks). Time has done its work and the result is striking, just like for our eaux de vie.

Image from Instagram @remycointreau

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The website states that “as well as being the result of a collaborative creation between Sophie and Baptiste, the Maison Psyché parfums are shaped by the time spent in oak casks specially designed by Seguin Moreau, whose expertise as coopers has been recognized for almost 200 years. Therein lies the magic of these fragrances. Using wood and the mastery of time to reveal the essence of the materials is an art practiced since time immemorial by the House of Rémy Martin. This art thus contributes to the creation of new fragrances whose longevity on the skin and olfactory richness have no equal.”

Image from Instagram @remycointreau

Per Remy Contreau, “Carefully selected raw materials form the foundations of five exceptional olfactory creations making up the 1st Maison Psyché collection. The Maison Psyché perfume bottles are genuine collection pieces made in Baccarat crystal, adorned in gold –some with diamonds, numbered and only available in very limited quantities.”

In addition, “Their discovery will be an incredible experience reserved for an exclusive clientele on a confidential basis.”

Francesco Riosa, chief executive officer of Maison Psyché, shares, “The creation of Maison Psyché is the fulfillment of a wonderful dream. The dream of reinventing La Grande Parfumerie in the 21st century and restoring its prestige by connecting it to the traditional and time-honored expertise of Exceptional Spirits.”

Eric Vallat, Rémy Cointreau Group’s chief executive officer adds, “Maison Psyché range is a natural extension of our activities. It is based on the special blending and ageing expertise specific to the world of spirits to elevate the finest raw materials from perfumery and create innovative fragrances. Maison Psyché is a bridge between two worlds, that of luxury fragrance and that of spirits, and a bold venture with terroirs, people and time at its very heart“.

Image from Instagram @remycointreau

In another Instagram post, the company shares that “Rémy Cointreau has posted sales of 867.1 million euros in the first half of 2022-23, up 21.1% in organic terms (including 16.2% in the second quarter). This performance includes a robust +11.4% increase due to the price/mix effect, in line with the Group’s value-driven strategy, and a +9.7% rise in sales volume.” 

Furthermore, the report states: “Ideally positioned to take advantage of new consumption trends and buoyed by its advance on roll-out of its strategic plan, Rémy Cointreau is looking to 2022-23 with confidence. The Group intends to continue to gain market share value in the exceptional spirits sector. It expects another year of strong organic growth, including normalization of consumption trends in the second half on the heels of two outstanding years.”

Banner photo from the Remy Cointreau website.

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