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Pairing seafood with prime beef is always a gastronomic luxury, but Klaw – Miami’s newest upmarket restaurant – takes things to a whole new level, with an expertly created menu of carefully sourced ingredients served in an elevated setting.

The restaurant is the latest venture from the team behind London’s Goodman Steakhouse, the global Burger and Lobster chain, and fellow fancy surf and turf restaurant, Beast. With this wealth of success behind it, its no doubt that Klaw will go down a treat with the food-loving Miami crowd.

Joining the good company of high-end condos and designer boutiques in the Edgewater neighborhood, Klaw makes for a welcome addition to Miami’s restaurant scene, proving that style and substance can go hand in hand.

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steak at klaw restaurant miami

Klaw partners with some of the best cattle farmers in the country / ©Klaw


The brains behind the menu at Klaw is executive chef Phil Campbell, who spent many years as executive chef at cousin-restaurant Beast, following a decade at Goodman Mayfair.

Campbell’s hands-on, no-nonsense approach to ingredients has seen him dedicate five years to sourcing the best King Crab in the world, as well as forging meaningful partnerships with conscious cattle farmers, which together form the basis of Klaw’s culinary program.

The chef’s cuisine style is straightforward yet elevated. With his vast knowledge comes the confidence to keep things simple and let the base ingredients shine through. Fresh seafood is allowed to sing while beef is flame grilled; there’s no need for fancy techniques here.

“The local and global relationships we have cultivated with farmers and suppliers are instrumental as we seek to source top-quality sustainable ingredients, which will undoubtedly help us set a new standard in Miami’s culinary scene,” he says.

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seafood platter at klaw restaurant

As well as the signature Arctic King Crabs, there is also fresh sashimi, seafood platters and juicy lobster rolls./ ©Klaw

Klaw’s menu offers classic surf and turf in its most elevated form. There’s huge prime cuts of beef to choose from, cooked exactly how you like it, as well as freshly prepared crustaceans, served whole. As well as the signature Arctic King Crabs, there is also fresh sashimi, seafood platters – featuring clams, shrimp and oysters with an array of garnishes – and juicy lobster rolls.

In addition to fresh seafood and prime beef, there are plenty of accompaniments too. Highlights include Fire-roasted wild mushrooms dripping in garlic butter, and thick-as-you-like Hand-cut fries drizzled with truffle salsa and a flurry of parmesan.

It has to be said, however, that Klaw’s seafood sourcing leaves a lot to be desired in terms of sustainability. While King Crab from the ocean surrounding Norway is undeniably delicious, it seems a shame for a restaurant in such close proximity to the ocean to prioritize imported crustaceans over local spoils. Fortunately, the menu does also offer some seafood from closer to home, including hand-dived east coast scallops, and east and west coast oysters.

king crab dish

King Krab is served whole / ©Klaw

The restaurant’s beef sourcing program, on the other hand, is far more encouraging. Chef Campbell has forged meaningful relationships with the finest farmers in the country (most of whom are local to Miami) all of which are dedicated to following sustainable cattle rearing practices.

Partners include Florida Cattle Ranchers – a local collective of farmers dedicated to preserving and advancing conscientious beef rearing. Guests are expertly talked through the cuts available tableside and invited to make their selection from Klaw’s exclusive daily selection.

The beverage program at Klaw is equally as well carefully put together, with over 250 labels of hand-selected New and Old World wines. The cocktail menu shouldn’t be overlooked either. The talented bar team marries classic recipes with new flavor combinations to create an intriguing line up, including The Solstice – a fun riff on the whiskey sour, with bourbon, Kirschwasser cherry liqueur and blood orange.

Don’t fancy leaving your boat for a pre-dinner cocktail? No problem – Klaw’s innovative cocktail delivery program serves up signature pours to those on the yachts moored in the bay. How sophisticated.

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rooftop at klaw restaurant

Klaw’s roof terrace with views of the bay / ©Klaw

Sprawled across 14,800 sq ft on three floors of the historic Miami’s Women Club, Klaw is a mammoth restaurant. Tasked with reviving the space was Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, which has successfully blended that outlandish design style that Miami is so famous for with more subdued, timeless details.

The lower of Klaw’s three floors is impressively grand, with a double-height, wooden-beamed ceiling looking down on diners below. Perfectly spaced tables are surrounded by comfy cushioned blue chairs, and swinging modern chandeliers and arched windows pour light in.

The fifth-floor mezzanine is home to the kitchen, while the sixth floor is where you’ll find the Klaw roof terrace (the only one in Edgewater). The vibe here is entirely different from the main dining room, with an earthy terracotta floor, pastel-hued seating and an abundance of greenery creating a light, airy atmosphere. The wide ocean views are pretty special too.

The food itself becomes part of the restaurant’s design too, with the sixth floor featuring bespoke tanks, where the fresh crabs live right up until diners make their orders.

Klaw, North Bayshore Drive, Miami, Fl 33132, klawrestaurant.com

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