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GuocoLand Sky-Bungalow

Walk-in Wardrobe GuocoLand Sky-Bungalow: Image: GuocoLand.

GuocoLand proudly launched its exclusive collection of six double-storey Sky-Bungalows designed by the world-renowned interior design firm Saporiti Italia. These rare double-storey penthouses are perched luxuriously at Midtown Modern. Recognising the discriminating lifestyle and preferences of homeowners today, GuocoLand is prescribing such larger homes with cavernous spaces for hosting and entertaining guests. In addition, the configuration of living and working from home needs are also addressed with spatial sensibility.

Living In The Sky – GuocoLand Sky-Bungalows
Each of the six Sky-Bungalows in this prestigious collection offers an area of 3,616 square feet and comes with five bedrooms. The visual feast for future homeowners is the panoramic views of the city below. Situated from level 24 onwards of both the 30-storey North and South Towers of Midtown Modern, this princely pad is definitely fit for a king.

GuocoLand Sky-BungalowGuocoLand Sky-Bungalow

Spacious living and dining area at GuocoLand Sky-Bungalow, Midtown Modern. Image: GuocoLand.

Unique to the Sky-Bungalows is the ceiling height of 4.2 metres on the main living-dining floor. Thes spacious domiciles are catered for large families with the convenience of city-centre amenities. With resort-style facilities and lush gardens, escaping to your home is like taking a holiday each time you come home from work.

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Ms Dora Chng, General Manager (Residential) at GuocoLand, said: “The Midtown Modern Sky-Bungalow Collection is a rare and precious offering that is ideal for the well-heeled and cosmopolitan. They have wide-ranging needs for their homes. A home where they can entertain their friends or business associates, while the rest of their family can continue to enjoy their privacy. A home that meets their elevated lifestyle needs while also having space for a dedicated home office. Midtown Modern’s Sky-Bungalow Collection makes all that possible.”

Super-sized Living and Dining Areas
The perfect space to entertain guests is the extra-large living and dining areas. The Sky-Bungalows come with private lifts and upon entering the space, you’re welcomed by the super-sized living, dining, and entertainment area. This space is as large as a typical two-bedroom condominium unit. The rectilinear configuration allows the living and dining area — measuring some 10 metres in length from end to end — to flow into a large balcony and lead the eye to sweeping, enviable vistas of the cityscape. The main family room affords a panoramic 270-degree view to pamper your eyes.

GuocoLand Sky-Bungalow

Cross section rendering of GuocoLand Sky-Bungalows, Midtown Modern. Image: GuocoLand.

Located on the same level are two bedrooms and a fully-kitted modern kitchen to whip up fancy meals. There is also a junior master suite that features a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom complemented by a luxurious bathtub. The other bedroom can be converted into a recreational room or a work-from-home space.

On the other level, there are three other bedrooms, including the master bedroom and second living space where kids can rest, play or study while enjoying the vistas that present to them. The balcony linked to the second living space can be transformed into a home gym if one pursues a healthy lifestyle. Each Sky-Bungalow also integrates an ample back-of-house area to support the maid’s duties: two kitchens, a utility room, storage spaces, and a linen room.

GuocoLand Sky-Bungalows – Personalised Luxury
The master bedroom suite is larger than a one-bedroom condominium unit. It caters to a high-end lifestyle while the innovative spatial design offers privacy. Walk into the master bedroom and you will gawk at the two walk-in wardrobes as large as a standard-sized bedroom. There are His and Her ensuite bathrooms to offer personal space for the husband and wife. Customised bathroom designs are offered to meet individual preferences.

All this would not have been possible without the innovative mind of Sporiti Italia. The firm is renowned for its finesse in creating luxurious spaces for homes around the world. Four designs have been created by the firm to elevate the livability and luxury of the Sky-Bungalows. These exquisite residential homes designed by Saporiti Italia harmonise modernity and nature in a home. These homes are informed by a sophisticated material palette, complemented by sophisticated and elegant design details.

GuocoLand Sky-Bungalow

Living and balcony space at GuocoLand Sky-Bungalow, Midtown Modern. Image: GuocoLand.

Mr Raffaele Saporiti, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Saporiti Italia, said: “The Midtown Modern Sky-Bungalows are rare and exclusive, and offer individuals with highly discerning tastes a truly unique real estate offering – one that gives the owners a sense of living in a bungalow but high up in a modern condominium. The Collection provides the perfect canvas to employ our inventive design to create homes with unique characters.”

Italian Touch by Saporiti Italia
In fact, all the furniture, decorations, and accessories are designed and curated specifically for the Sky-Bungalow Collection with a respect for the “Made In Italy” quality that characterises every Sporiti Italia project. There are, of course, smart and innovative furniture devised by the firm such as a walk-in shoe cabinet, bag and watch showcase, tea table with an in-built heating plate, and bedside tables fitted with mobile phone wireless chargers. Future buyers of these homes have the option to customise and create their dream home with Saporiti Italia.

On GuocoLand’s collaboration with the renowned designers, Ms Chng said, “Saporiti Italia’s design showcases the strengths of Midtown Modern’s highly efficient layout and demonstrates clearly how the rooms can represent the unique characteristics of its users. We are delighted to be offering our buyers a rare opportunity to own a branded apartment fully designed and furnished by one of Italy’s best interior design firms.”

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