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A new life has been given to this Porsche Carrera GT.

Gone are the days when new Porsche Carrera GTs could be customized and ordered. However, that hasn’t stopped Graham Rahal from reliving those days thanks to his team at Graham Rahal Performance (GRP).

Called the Graham Rahal Performance Porsche Carrera GT Recommission Project, this endeavor seeks to bring the days of commissioning and ordering a Carrera GT back. According to GRP, Project Recommission will give proprietors the opportunity to restyle their Carrera GT so that it may match their own personality.

Nearly every piece of a Carrera GT that becomes a part of this project can be customized thanks to GRP’s certified Porsche Technician Wyatt Ramsey. A perfect example of what’s possible is the Carrera GT featured in this article. If you happen to have an example of Porsche’s legendary supercar that you’d like to give a new face to, be sure to contact GRP.

Source: Graham Rahal Performance