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Blue Lagoon Suite
The Blue Lagoon Suite / ©The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

Elite Traveler is pleased to present the inaugural Top 50 Wellness Suites in the World, featuring a collection of hotels, resorts and exclusive-use accommodations that take the concept of wellbeing to the next level.

Our World’s Finest Suites database is growing rapidly, with almost 1,000 entries just three years after launch. All of the suites featured in the database meet the minimum standard of five-star luxury, but some are better suited to certain vacation types than others. It is for this reason that we are rolling out the introduction of Suite Types, allowing users to search for the very best suites according to the vacation that they’re planning.

These micro-lists will be released through 2023 and include Top Family Suites, Top Beach Suites and Top City Suites among others. We begin with Top Wellness Suites, which showcases 50 suites and villas that have wellbeing factored into every corner.

The search for wellbeing is intrinsically tied to travel. We travel to find respite, solace and space, to reconnect with loved ones, and to reflect on life’s tribulations. We travel in the hope of returning with our mind, body and soul in a better place than when we left.

In this collection, you’ll find extraordinary in-suite facilities, such as zen gardens, private treatment rooms and hammams, all for your exclusive use. In some cases, we have selected a suite not for their private facilities, but because the hotel is a world leader in spa and wellness facilities.

But for many of us, wellness can’t be found in a spa treatment room. We have also included suites that are in spectacular locations and encourage guests to explore the natural world around them. From the rolling hills of Provence to the healing waters of Yucatan, you’ll find an eclectic mix of wellness wonders with our inaugural collection.

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The full list of this year’s Top 50 Wellness Suites is as follows:

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