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SINGAPORE: Electronic vaporisers and components worth more than S$300,000 were found in three foreign-registered lorries attempting to smuggle the contraband into Singapore through Tuas Checkpoint.

Five Malaysian men between 21 and 51 years old are also currently assisting with investigations, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said in a joint press release on Thursday (Apr 14).

A total of 1,200 electronic vaporisers and more than 49,000 e-vaporiser components were seized by the authorities over two days. 

The street value of the seized e-vaporisers and components is estimated to be more than S$300,000, they added.  

On Apr 5, ICA officers found 1,200 disposable e-vaporisers hidden in a Malaysian-registered lorry transporting resin into Singapore. 

“The officers had directed the lorry for further checks and uncovered the disposable e-vaporisers hidden behind the driver and passenger’s seats, and below the passenger’s leg rest area,” said the authorities. 

A composite photo post showing disposable e-vaporisers concealed at the passenger’s leg rest area and e-vaporiser refill pods concealed at the driver and passenger’s rest area. (Photos: ICA)

Two days later, officers foiled another two other attempts to smuggle e-vaporiser refill pods into Singapore via two Malaysia-registered lorries.

“In the first attempt, officers found black bags hidden behind the driver and passenger’s seats and uncovered a total of 36,270 e-vaporisers refill pods,” said the authorities.

Officers also uncovered several bundles of black trash bags containing 13,125 e-vaporiser refill pods concealed under a blanket behind the driver and passenger’s seats.

HSA reminded members of the public that the Tobacco Act prohibits the import, distribution, sale or offer for sale of imitation tobacco products.

“These include shisha tobacco, smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco such as Gutkha, Khaini, Zarda, e-vaporisers and their components,” it added. 

Those convicted may be fined up to S$10,000, jailed for up to six months, or both for the first offence. Repeat offenders may be fined up to S$20,000, jailed for up to one year or both.

All prohibited tobacco items will also be seized and confiscated. The purchase, use and possession of e-vaporisers are prohibited, said HSA.