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Driver’s Seat.

Off-road supercars are now a thing. Does their existence mean we’re approaching the end times, or will the term “crossover” come to represent the coolest combinations of vehicle types that off-kilter engineers can think of? Don’t look now, but we think it’s the latter.

In fact, this month’s cover features what may be the first-ever crossover: the all-new Lamborghini Sterrato (page 12). Part Huracán and part WRC rally car, the Sterrato literally elevates Lamborghini’s supercar game — by 1.7 inches. It also features off road tires, a Rally driving mode for low-trip surfaces, and a V12 engine making 602 horsepower. In fact, Lamborghini has confirmed the Sterrato is its last pure-combustion car.


Hot on the Sterrato’s heels is the new Porsche 911 Dakar (page 22), an homage to the brand’s 1984 Paris-Dakar rally win. While less powerful than the Lamborghini with only 473 horsepower, the 911 Dakar sits even higher off terra firma with an adjustable suspension that adds up to 3.2 inches of ground clearance. It also features two separate off-road driving modes, an optional rooftop tent and cargo rack, and a special commemorative paint job that takes 34 hours to complete.

Speaking of paint, there is perhaps no color more recognizable in all of autodom than Ferrari’s Rosso Corsa (page 32). Reserved exclusively for cars from Italy and used primarily by Ferrari and Abarth, its name literally means “Racing Red.” Though not the only shade of crimson that can be found on Ferraris over the years, Rosso Corsa is certainly the most iconic.

We also have two BMW test drives to share thanks to the recent BMW Test Fest event. Held annually, it’s an opportunity for top automotive journalists to drive every one of the Roundel’s automobiles in one place. Read our driving impressions on page 38. Formula 1 also experienced its annual reshuffling of drivers. Who’s in and who’s out for 2023? We introduce three fresh new faces joining the grid on page 48.

This month’s LIVE section helps you keep your New Year’s resolution to travel more with a report on three destinations that can’t be missed (page 72) and a trio of world time watches that will help you keep track of your day wherever you are in the world, with just a glance at your wrist (page 66).

We’ve got a lot of great features inside that we can’t for you to read, so let’s get started!

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