Chill out anywhere with Japan’s ‘wearable beanbag’

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TOKYO – Always wanted to plop down and rest whenever you felt a need to? Now you can, thanks to a “wearable beanbag” produced in Japan.

It was created by Takikou Sewing, a company in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture.

The firm specialises in beanbags, according to Japan Today.

The beanbag is designed to be worn like a dress.

The idea is to allow one to have cushioned comfort all around, allowing one to sit and roll around from one position to another.

It is also able to mould itself to allow individuals to use it as a beanbag.

“This concept was born out of the idea of a cushion that would allow you to totally let go, anytime, anywhere. You can put this on and chill out in your living room, or loads of other places, that’s why we created it,” said a representative from the company.

Although the beanbag was introduced to the market earlier this year, it remained under the radar until a recent tweet went viral. The beanbag has since been featured on Japanese TV programmes.

The beanbag is available in three sizes and four colours – moss green, natural beige, mocha and charcoal gray. It can be purchased at the Hanalolo store at tech conglomerate Rakuten from 7,800yen (S$78) to 15,800yen (S$159).

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