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Most people I know who love to travel also love their tech and, in particular, their travel gadgets – accessories that make travel that little bit easier, more comfortable, or simply a little more fun! Here are five gadgets to check out for your next trip away.

RIVER Portable Power Station from Ecoflow

If, like me, you have multiple different gadgets that you travel around with – be it smartphones, cameras, laptops, drones, headphones or whatever – then you no doubt also have a battery pack or two. Problem is, these don’t always offer enough ‘juice’ for so many different devices. Sure, you can have multiple battery packs, or you can get industrial-sized power devices that aren’t really that portable. This is where the RIVER Portable Power Station from Ecoflow comes in.

It’s small enough that you can take it places, but powerful enough to run or re-charge multiple devices. In fact, it can power up to 9 devices at once, using a variety of ports. With a 600W output (enough to charge most devices) and 288Wh capacity, RIVER gives you a power station that can power your devices at home or on the move – ideal for those cafés where you can’t find a wall socket or for re-charging devices overnight or on a long journey when, for whatever reason, you don’t have easy access to mains power. To use higher-wattage appliances, you can switch on the power station’s X-Boost mode and power appliances up to 1800W. And when you do connect it to an AC wall socket, it only takes 1.6 hours to reach full charge.

Powervision PowerDolphin marine drone

Drones that fly have seen a surge in popularity over the last decade, enabling travellers to capture unique footage in the form of aerial photogeraph or videos. But did you know there is also such a thing as a marine drone? Unlike other marine drones, the incredible Powervision PowerDolphin marine drone is completely wireless allowing you to shoot from a truly unique perspective, capturing imagery both above and below the water surface, without the need for a boat of any kind.

It can capture 4K photography and video, reaching speeds of 4.5 m/s, and is powered by a 5800 mAh IPX8 battery, supporting 2 hours of battery life. In a complex water environment, its long battery life can meet extreme above-water control demands, and its high waterproof stability guarantees sailing safety.

Datashur SD and microSDXC cards from iStorage

The datAshur SD is the world’s first and only encrypted USB flash drive with removable iStorage microSD Cards, making it perfect for travellers. The data and the encryption are stored separately from each other as the data is stored on the microSD Card and the encryption is on the datAshur SD flash drive. If you find yourself using USB drives more frequently, note that with the datAshur SD you can use the same drive each time and only purchase iStorage microSD Cards for additional storage.

Another unique feature of the datAshur SD is the collaboration capabilities offered using the iStorage patented KeyWriter software. The KeyWriter software allows users to securely share data with one another by cloning the encryption key from the master datAshur SD to as many secondary devices as required. So, for example, if yourself and your colleague have cloned your datAshur SD drives, you can both view data that has been stored/encrypted on the microSD Cards as well as store data on the same microSD Cards.

Alcosense Pro breathalyser from Alcosense

Summer marks the start of the season when we are more likely to go and stay with friends and relatives, so watch your alcohol intake as it’s very easy to drink too much the night before, only to get behind the wheel the next morning and inadvertently drive with alcohol still in your system.  Alcohol slows your reaction time, inhibits judgement, reduces concentration and affects eye, foot and hand co-ordination increasing the likelihood of an accident. The AlcoSense Pro personal breathalyser will help to tell you when alcohol has cleared your system the next day. It uses a slightly smaller version of exactly the same sensor used in several UK, US & European Police breathalysers. So, it’s extremely accurate.

It features a full colour screen that gives clear readings of your alcohol level and if you’re close to or over the limit the Pro will alert you not to drive – it even has a Time Until Sober & Retest alarm.  Its Blow Coach will help you breath into it correctly in the first instance and to improve accuracy even further it is temperature sensitive. It works with any drink drive limit in the world, so the Pro will always give you a correct reading.  And just like your car, it tells you when it needs its annual service. This is essential to ensure your breathalyser continues to give you true readings. Just post it back and AlcoSense will do the rest. Available from Halfords online and in-store, Amazon.co.uk and alcosense.co.uk £149.99. It could be a lifesaver for you, your passengers and other road users.


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PSB M4U 8 MKII headphones

Built for comfort and purity of sound, the M4U 8 MKII headphones from PSB Speakers feature the latest innovations in headphone technology. Enhanced battery life and the latest noise cancelling technology improve the mobile listening experience. Most headphone designs assume that everyone who wears them will listen the same way, but in reality no two ears hear the same, even if they are attached to the same person. The M4U 8 MKII features Personal Sound by AudiodoTM, which measures a listener’s unique hearing abilities and corrects for anomalies from hearing damage, physiological irregularities, and even psychoacoustic perceptions.

The quick and effective Audiodo hearing calibration – available in the dedicated PSB Headphones app – produces an incredibly precise model of an individual’s sense of hearing. So, wherever your travels may take you, the PSB M4U8 MKII headphones headphones are designed for comfortable and noise-free extended listening.