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Easy to make and bitter in taste, the Negroni sits amongst the classics. Some prefer them as is, while others enjoy a little twist. Here’s where to find the most special Negronis in Bangkok.

In the early 20th century, Italian Count Camillo Negroni demanded the bartender of Bar Casoni to strengthen his favourite cocktail. The Americano, typically made with Campari, sweet vermouth, and soda, is further strengthened by substituting the soda with gin. The bartender also used an orange peel instead of a lemon peel to garnish, in order to differentiate the drink.

And thus, the Negroni was born.

Throughout its hundred years of history, it’s not surprising that many would play their own twist on the refreshingly bitter drink—Bangkok included. So, here is a list of places in Bangkok you can find some of those mouthwatering iterations.

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Where to find the most unique twists on the Negroni in Bangkok

Excuse the language—Rabbit Hole’s Negroni is made with sous vide gin, chakram leaves, sweet vermouth, olive, and, of course, Campari. It is then garnished with an aromatic bite of roasted black and white sesame. It’s beautiful, innovative, and very strong. One drink down and you’ll be saying “Shitttttt”—that’s how the iteration got its name. They also offer Mezcal Negroni, subbing gin for mezcal, a distilled alcohol made from the maguey plant.

So we’ve established that the Negroni is an Italian classic. Now pair it with shochu, another distilled classic from Japan made from rice, barley, and sweet potatoes. JUA uses kome shochu, combining it with Martini Rosso, Campari, and garnishing with an orange peel. It’s certainly a culture clash, but a very welcoming one. Plus, the laidback vibes of the restaurant makes JUA the perfect place to end the week at.

If you’re a fan of the aromatic scent and umami taste of black truffles, Ms Jigger offers Negronis that combine the best of both worlds. The classic Italian drink is infused with the earthy, robust tones of truffles—it’s something you don’t want to miss. Apart from the Negroni, Ms Jigger’s menu is filled with other foods and drinks that would make a perfect date night.

These days, you can’t really make a list of cocktail places without Vesper. Their barrel-aged selection of cocktails is something to impress even the biggest enthusiasts. With this method, your usual Negroni is aged in an American white oak barrel for no less than six weeks. The result is a smoother, multi-dimensional tasting experience that will lift your standards even higher. And if one glass is not enough to satisfy your craving, you can buy a whole bottle of barrel-aged Negroni, too.

The Aroma Negroni lives up to its name—the scent of the coffee that you smell each time the alcohol hits the back of your throat, as you sit and adore the intricate, opulent setting of Sinnerman—it’s whatever feeling Cinderella felt as she dances with the Prince. It’s made with dry gin, Campari sous-vide, and sweet vermouth, as well as robusta coffee, burned coffee bean, and orange oil.

Abar Rooftop has one of the largest gin collections in Bangkok, and their menu includes gin from all over the world which can be made into cocktails at a small additional cost. The Negroni is no different—you can choose from their list of premium imported gins that have spent time aged in wooden barrels, and turn them into a Negroni for just THB 50 additional cost. Their barrel-aged list includes Citadelle Reserve from France, Dictador Orthodoxy and Dictador Treasure from Columbia, Filliers Barrel Aged from Belgium, and Four Pillars Barrel Aged from Australia.

The Opium is one of Ba Hao’s signature drinks. The classic Negroni is given a refreshing Chinese twist with the addition of ginseng and traditional Chinese herbs. As a recipe by Dheeradon Dissara, winner of Jamie Oliver’s Search for a Cocktail Star, the drink is sure to impress both classic-appreciators and adventurers alike. Feel free to enjoy it along with the gorgeous classic Chinese dishes Ba Hao also offers.

It’s everyone’s favourite walking street full of good memories and questionable decisions—and now its unique Bangkokian essence is infused into your classic Negroni. The Khaosan Negroni is made with gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, infused with Thai tamarind, and served with Khaosan snacks. Other signature cocktails they have under their belt are also named after what makes Bangkok Bangkok, including the Lumphini Park View, Chatuchak Iced Tea, and, of course, Ms Tiffany.

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