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We all love a good surprise. And when it comes to fashion, what’s better than finding a whole new style and era, all under the same brand and in the same year?

That is precisely what Onitsuka Tiger accomplished for their Autumn/Winter 2022 (AW22) collection which debuted during the Milan Fashion Week in February. A stark contrast to the bold, lively and flamboyant colours of its earlier Spring/Summer 2022 collection, which revolved mostly around tiger prints, the debut of the AW22 collection can be described in one word – shadow.

Photo Credit: Onitsuka Tiger

Equally as bold, the latest contemporary collection serves as a tribute to Japan during the 80s when Japanese “purity and austerity” blasted Western design philosophies. With its dark, daring, and omnipresent colours, the aesthetic of this collection centres around the work on silhouettes, monochromes, and details. It is as refreshing as it is retro, all the while refining the identity and opulence that bear the Onitsuka Tiger house. 

Combining fashion with sports and heritage with innovation, the AW22 collection is all about paying homage to the Japanese fashion that flourished and dominated the cultural scene. An aesthetic that many Westerners found “disruptive,” this style was in fact just a part of everyday life in Japan. 

Photo Credit: Onitsuka Tiger

Layering, typical of Japanese ceremonial dress, is crucial for conceiving a style that expresses an original and genderless collection. From a group of youthful boys who would dress in black, layering themselves with unexpected volumes that reflected the underground culture scene during those days, to the Tsuppari fashion of young female groups who picked pieces from a man’s wardrobe to mix with their school uniform that started during the seventies, this collection is all about those years. It is also about representing the contemporary and active nature of our current times while bringing the characters and visions of the eighties back to life.

Here are the four items/outfits we look forward to sporting this coming fall.

The kicks

Photo Credit: Onitsuka Tiger

It isn’t Onitsuka Tiger without sneakers, and this one hits different. From the elevated soles to the off-white shadow play as its design, these fashion sneakers look as comfortable as they are trendy.

The clutch

Photo Credit: Onitsuka Tiger

This bag perfectly fuses two classic bag types: the clutch and the bucket. Nothing can go wrong, or rather, look wrong with black and white. And with these unique patterns at play, it can go well with any costume.

The specs

Photo Credit: Onitsuka Tiger

These clear frames, complemented by their cat-eye shape, are sure to make your eyes and facial features pop. It is the perfect accessory you can rock with any outfit or occasion, whether that’s at work, an event, or even a night out with friends.

The fit

Photo Credit: Onitsuka Tiger

We can’t get over this outfit that is fittingly worn by Thai artist Violette Wautier. Here, we see the shapes and patterns reminiscent of Japanese heritage, as well as the crop cut that showcases the brand’s knack for innovative streetwear silhouettes.

Want to see more of the collection? Here are some more honorary mentions of our favourite looks:

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