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A spa resort that is an architectural marvel

Cutting-edge architecture and wellness unite in style at 7132 Therme. This Pritzker Prize-winning hotel is home to a one-of-a-kind ‘Therme’ mineral spring rock spa.

Architects and architecture enthusiasts from all over the world travel to a small village in the small Graubuenden valley to see 7132 Therme. The spa resort is built from 60,000 quartz pieces from the local mountains.

The spa’s thermal baths are filled with water from the Valser Valley and are full of healing minerals. The eight thermal baths available are the indoor pool 32°C, outdoor pools 30°C to 36°C, fire pool 42°C, ice pool 14°C, blossom pool 33°C, sound stone 32°C, spring stone 35°C and the 12 sweating stones with steam bath.

Fondation Beyeler, Basel

This outstanding Renzo Piano-designed art museum and park is an essential stop on any visit to Basel. Fondation Beyeler is brimming with contemporary and Indigenous art.

Olafur Eliasson, Life, 2021. Installationsansicht, Fondation Beyeler

Olafur Eliasson, Life, 2021. Installationsansicht, Fondation Beyeler © Switzerland Tourism

Hidden gem: Visit the town of Solothurn

Solothurn is regarded as the finest Baroque town in Switzerland. Italian grandeur is combined with German practicality and French charm.

Fine Baroque and Renaissance buildings, such as the noble Palais Besenval, and magnificent religious buildings meet the visitor at every end and turn. The car-free Old Town has eleven churches and chapels and the same number of fountains and towers.

A little outside the town is the romantic Verena gorge with its chapel and hermitage, a popular destination for walkers. Hikers and cyclists will find an extensive network of footpaths and 600 km of cycle tracks in the surrounding area and along the Aare. Solothurn is on two national cycle routes: the Mittelland Route and the Aare Route.

H4 Hotel Solothurn, Zimmer

H4 Hotel Solothurn, Zimmer © Switzerland Tourism

Explore the Alpine Garden on the Schynige Platte

A feast for the senses, this enchanting alpine garden comes with majestic panoramas of the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.

Founded in 1927, the Alpine Garden has a stunning collection of more than 720 Swiss alpine plants growing across an 8,000 square-metre pasture of land.

Schynige Platte is a small mountain ridge located 2,076 metres above sea level in the Jungfrau Region of the Bernese Alps in central Switzerland. The Schynige Platte gets its name from the huge light-reflecting wall of slate on the mountain’s flank – Schynige Platte means shining plate.  It is a popular peak for hikers and day trippers from Interlaken. For nature lovers, it is best accessed via the cog railway that has been winding its way up the mountain for over 125 years.