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Often overlooked as the side and not the centrepiece, the humble carrot is an underrated veg. There are so many easy ways to celebrate them from soups to salads, roasted whole to intensify their gorgeous sweetness, or even shredded and baked into cakes.

They’re readily available all year round, although summer carrots are the sweetest – from June to August. While you probably know them by their bright orange colour, they come in a whole host of shades, including yellow, pink and purple – perfect for adding some vibrancy to your plate! Our favourite carrot recipes will show you the way forward when it comes to embracing this lovely little vegetable in new ways.

Sweet and savoury roasted carrot pairs beautifully with aromatic fennel in this warming soup. Finished with a swirl of cream and herby fennel tops, it’s perfect served with the home-made flatbreads to mop up all of that deliciousness.

Our take on the iconic Korean dish is easy to make, packed with intense flavour and will keep for at least one month in the fridge. You can also enjoy the carrots without leaving them to ferment, and the flavour will be quite different. 

This lovely little number is packed with delicate flavour. Subtly spiced and deliciously cooling on the taste buds, Jamie’s carrot raita makes a lovely addition to any curry feast. Serve with fluffy coconut rice and a curry or two, like this fragrant squash curry.

This rainbow-bright salad packs a big flavour punch, with dressed mixed-colour baby carrots, grains, juicy pomegranate and the salty tang of feta. So simple and tasty, it’s on the table in under 20 minutes and is a  perfect lunch.

A truly joyous nibble, starter or side, these filo-wrapped carrots are so good. Glazed in an orange syrup then dipped into a creamy tahini and harissa-rippled yoghurt, they’re a riot of flavour and crunch. Choose different coloured carrots for added pops of vibrancy to your table spread.

Roasting the carrots really intensifies their natural sweetness, and gives them a lovely bronzed colour. The flavour pairs perfectly with the creamy garlic yoghurt, which cuts through the sweetness. If you want to take your roast veg up a notch, serve this honest little side with lentils or your Sunday roast.

Fresh herbs, earthy carrots and crunchy sesame seeds are taken to the next level when teamed with this zingy, zesty dressing. On the table in 10 minutes, this cracking little salad is so quick and simple.

A rösti is one of those humble dishes that everyone loves, and we’ve added extra veg to this one, so you get even more of the good stuff. The beauty of these is that you can get creative with the toppings to keep everyone happy. Swap out the carrots for any other root veg you have, and mix up the herbs, green veg and cheese — it’s easy to have fun with this budget-friendly winner.

Sweet clementine, smoked almonds, peppery rocket and a punchy parsley dressing come together to make a wonderfully vibrant salad. Serve with pita for a special starter, or with a few tweaks it makes the perfect side for a roast.

This spiced version of a classic bake is just heavenly – it’s subtly spiced for a lovely warmth, with pecans for crunch and a simple buttercream icing. Treat yourself to a slice with a cuppa for a little teatime treat.

And for those with a gluten allergy/intolerance, we have something special for you. This deliciously spiced gluten-free carrot cake won’t let you down with its rich, sweet flavours. Topped with zesty cream cheese icing, it’s truly a thing of beauty – and so simple to make. Roll out for the ultimate afternoon treat or dessert. 

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