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Engagement rings are a totally unique expression of a person’s style and the love they share with their partner. These rings come in many shapes, styles, colours and materials. This allows for a considerable level of personalisation when choosing a ring to propose with, with some even opting to create a totally bespoke ring. The gemstones used, their cuts and their settings ought to be chosen based on the wearer’s lifestyle as well as their preferences. Some styles lend themselves better to certain people, allowing them to slip seamlessly into an existing jewellery collection. If you are on the hunt for the perfect engagement ring, keep reading to learn the answer to the question ‘why buy a multi-stone engagement ring?’.

What is a Multi-Stone Engagement Ring?

A multi-stone engagement ring is simply a ring that used more than one gemstone. This may range from a more minimal toi et moi style ring all the way to a diamond-encrusted eternity ring. This style of ring is a departure from the more traditional solitaire style that has become so popular in recent years. This makes it a great choice for those who like to stand out from the crowd with their style.

Why Buy a Multi-Stone Engagement Ring?

Multi-stone engagement rings allow for a higher level of personalisation. Their versatile nature means that they can be created in totally unique styles to perfectly suit the wearer’s style and the love they represent. This style of engagement ring is likely to create a more eye-catching look on the finger as it will have a higher level of sparkle and is likely to be slightly larger in size. The nature of the ring means that different kinds of gemstones can be combined for a personalised edge. Some choose to combine their own and their partner’s birthstones, or may choose a favourite colour to pair with diamonds. Although this style of ring is a departure from tradition, these rings have been gifted as proposals for centuries by some very notable historical figures.

Multi-Stone Engagement Rings Recommendations

James Moore 18k White Gold 3 Stone Diamond 3.00ct Ring JM9035

Why Buy a Multi-Stone Engagement Ring?

This ring is sure to turn heads! Three sizeable diamonds are set at the centre of the beautifully polished white gold band to create a sparkling focal point on the hand. White gold has become an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings due to its pale hue and luxurious feel. The cool tone of the metal creates a flattering backdrop to enhance the sparkle of the diamonds. The central diamond exhibits a traditional round cut that truly optimises the quality of the gemstone. It is flanked on both sides by pear-cut diamonds to create an elegant shape on the finger. With a total weight of 3 carats, this ring is sure to make for a memorable proposal.

Perfection Diamond 18ct Yellow Gold Ruby 0.82ct Diamond 12 Eternity Ring RR9106DA-18X

Eternity-style rings are traditionally gifted for a milestone occasion in a marriage. This may be a significant anniversary or the birth of a child. However, they are often given as alternative engagement rings. If the popular solitaire is not your style and you prefer something that will sit closer to the finger, then this style may be for you. This ring is crafted from yellow gold to create a slightly vintage aesthetic that is perfect for someone with a truly classic style. The band is set with alternating diamonds and rubies. This combination of gemstones creates an eye-catching look on the finger. This ring would make a beautiful choice for someone with a July birthday as the stunning ruby is their birthstone.

James Moore 18ct White Gold Diamond Sapphire Ring JM2263

Why Buy a Multi-Stone Engagement Ring?

The design of this ring combines concepts of both the multi-stone and solitaire styles of engagement rings. Featuring an oval-cut sapphire gemstone at its centre, the ring adopts the idea of featuring a statement centre stone. However, this bold blue centrepiece is framed by three diamonds on either side. These diamonds are baguette cut to provide the ring with a distinctly Art Deco edge. This collection of gemstones is set at the centre of an 18-carat white gold band for a perfectly polished and beautifully cool-toned finish.

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