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Looking for the best place to watch the World Cup in Bangkok? Here are some of our picks.

Football fans around the world are gearing up to cheer on their respective nations as the World Cup finally kicks off. Since it first started in 1930, the FIFA World Cup has been held every four years and united the world through the joy of the sport… I mean sure, FIFA has been embroiled in its share of controversy and the fact that this World Cup is being held in a country where women’s rights are not so existent is also a topic of discussion, but football, yay! If you’re trying to find the best places to watch matches, we’ve got you covered. 

[Hero image: Fauzan Saari/Unsplash]

Watch the 2022 World Cup in Bangkok at these places

Top Golf

where to watch world cup bangkok
Image credit: Top Golf

There’s nothing like going to Top Golf to watch football. The ridiculousness isn’t lost on us, but it should be noted that Top Golf has one of the biggest LCD screens to watch matches on. Plus, they’re also running a promotion: your first drink is free. A free drink and a big screen; all you have to do is say you’re going to Top Golf to watch football. 

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The British Club Bangkok

where to watch world cup bangkok
Image credit: British Club Bangkok

The British Club can’t be the British Club if it doesn’t show the World Cup. Head on over to watch alongside fellow Brits and wish the team well as they try and bring football home. They came really close last World Cup. Could this be the year they finally succeed?

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Blue Parrot Bangkok

where to watch the world cup in bangkok
Image credit: Blue Parrot

Who remembers watching the 2018 World Cup at Blue Parrot? Now in its new home in Yen Akart, head on over to the new Blue Parrot for just as thrilling an experience. This time around, they even set up a new space known as the ‘FANZONE.’ There’s only one way to find out.

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Rembrandt Hotel

where to watch world cup bangkok
Image credit: Rembrandt Bangkok

The Rembrandt is showing all matches live at the bar in their lobby all the way until the last match on December 18. Not only will they show all matches live, but it will be an all-day happy hour for the duration of the World Cup. So you can come for the football, for the drinks, or for both. 

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The Old English Bangkok

where to watch world cup bangkok
Image credit: The Old English Bangkok

In true English pub fashion, The Old English Bangkok has long been a haunt for those who want to watch live games. It’s unsurprising then that they’re showing all matches of the World Cup live. You can check when the matches will be shown on their Facebook page. On top of that, those who come wearing their football shirts get one free shot, something to either make you even more ecstatic if your team is winning or something to numb the pain if they’re losing. 

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Hemingway’s Bangkok

where to watch world cup bangkok
Image credit: Hemingway’s Bangkok

Head over to Hemingway’s Bangkok to watch World Cup matches on huge and glorious TV screens. Their Facebook post boasts about their 100-inch UHD LED and 150-inch cinema-style screen at Lush. It’ll be hard not to feel like you’re right there in the action with screens this big. 

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The Londoner Brew Pub

Image credit: The Londoner Brew Pub

Established back in 1997 as a response to the founder’s perceived lack of authentic British pubs in the city, The Londoner is an iconic pub, brewery, and sports bar. During the World Cup, they have a number of promotions going to entice visitors to come and watch matches with them, like getting a free jug of beer if you predict the winner correctly. They also have coupons that you can collect for a free glass or a free shirt. Happy hour is also in effect for every England match until the first goal is scored. 

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The Sportsman Sports Bar Bangkok

where to watch world cup bangkok
Image credit: The Sportsman Sports Bar Bangkok

If it isn’t evident in its name already, the Sportsman Sports Bar feels strongly about sports. Touting itself as the go-to venue for live sports events, they boast a number of screens and rooms where people can watch numerous sports events including the World Cup. Be sure to follow them on Facebook so you know when the schedule of the matches is and whether it’s advisable to book ahead or at least be there early. 

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Four Twenty Bangkok

where to watch world cup bangkok
Image credit: Four Twenty Bangkok

There’s no better way to watch the World Cup than to get high—literally. Four Twenty Bangkok’s High Garden Rooftop has a four-metre screen and comfy lounge chairs on the ground for you to watch World Cup matches. But we’re betting that when the match gets going, you’ll probably be on your feet. We know it can get tense, so it might help if you relax and mellow out afterwards. Pretty sure you can find something to help you out with that.

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And if you just want to stay indoors and avoid people…

You can watch the 2022 World Cup on 17 channels on Thai TV:

  1. True4U 24
  2. TSports 7
  3. Channel 3
  4. Channel 5
  5. Channel 7
  6. Channel 8
  7. MCOT Channel 9
  8. NBT
  9. Thai PBS
  10. Thairath TV
  11. Amarin TV
  12. Mono 29
  13. PPTV 36
  14. GMM 25
  15. Nation TV
  16. ONE 31
  17. JKN 18

You can also stream matches on the BBC iPlayer or the ITV website with English commentary though you’ll also have to use a VPN.

Going on a flight when a match is on? Just make sure it’s on Emirates as the airline has announced all matches will be aired onboard its planes.