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Where to travel in Thailand this Songkran, based on your zodiac sign

If you’re not sure where to go, look to the stars for the answer. With Songkran being just a few weeks away, it’s time to make travel plans. Here is a guide to where to travel in Thailand, based on your zodiac sign. 

For a lot of people, Songkran translates to travelling. Lucky for us, Thailand is arguably one of the most beautiful places to explore. However, whilst we’re grateful for the countless travel options, picking a destination can be tough, so we’re turning to the stars to make decision-making a little easier. 

Here, we’ve curated a personalised directory for where you should travel in Thailand this Songkran — or whenever — based on your zodiac sign. We’ve kept in mind the personality traits, the likes, the dislikes, and the interests of each sign. Of course, if you feel that one trip is not enough to get your fix, feel free to explore travel plans recommended for other zodiac signs, if you dare. Here is a guide to where to travel in Thailand, based on your zodiac sign.

Note: This article is not written by a certified astrologer, just a wander with an affinity for the stars. 

(Featured image credit: Sala Ayutthaya)

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Railay Beach

Besides summer and Songkran, it’s also officially Aries season. Aries, we know how much you love excitement and value thrilling experiences, so it is only fitting for you to embark on an adventure-filled trip at none other than Railay Beach. Accessible only by boat, getting there is already an adventure within itself. And once you’re there, from rock climbing to island hopping to hiking to kayaking, the thrill-seeker in you will be contented. If you want to up the thrill factor, travel solo! 

Where to stay: Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa  

[Image credit: Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa]

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Tauruses, we know you cherish the finer things in life. We also know that you have a tendency to be in tune with your sense of taste, so naturally, you appreciate good food. Lucky for you, Thailand is filled with stunning luxury resorts with top-notch restaurants serving quality food, a lot of which are located in Phuket. Book a stay at luxury beachfront resort Trisara, and treat your palate to the good food offered at the resort’s dining outlets. For Michelin-starred food, dine at Pru; for seafood Sunday brunch, dine at Seafood at Trisara; for canapés and cocktails, dine at The Deck. 

Where to stay: Trisara 

[Image credit: Trisara]

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Geminis, this Songkran 2022, vibe with your tribe in the buzzing metropolis of Bangkok. Whether you’re a Bangkokian or not, the city has a lot to offer and there’s a lot to explore. Why is Bangkok the place for you, you ask? Well, you prefer itineraries that are social rather than individual. Since you’re the most adaptable of the zodiac, we’re recommending hotel-hopping for you. Start your stay at Park Hyatt Bangkok and hop on from there. The two things that you need while traveling are the two things Bangkok does not lack: hotels and humans. 

Where to stay: Park Hyatt Bangkok

[Image credit: Park Hyatt Bangkok]

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Hua Hin 

You Cancers love traveling with purpose, and wellness retreats are perfect for a purposeful trip. The Barai, a wellness retreat located in Hua Hin, is a stunning and serene spot to escape to this Songkran. Coalescing traditional wellness treatments with Hua Hin calm, the property features an extensive range of treatments. Given your emotion-driven nature and sensitive heart, we believe you’ll appreciate feeling at home in your surroundings at this beautiful property. When approaching The Barai, brace yourself for a holistic experience. 

Where to stay: The Barai

[Image credit: The Barai]

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Koh Phangan

Leo, aka the life of the party, we’re aware you need something fun-loving. You social butterflies are all about embracing the party scene and having a memorable time, and nothing screams party like Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party. This Songkran 2022, get your fun fix at the world-famous after-dark playground. For April, the Full Moon Party takes place on 16 April 2022. For the Leos that are more low-key and not big on partying, the island is a beautiful place to explore beaches, night markets, waterfalls, and more. 

Where to stay: Bay Villas Koh Phangan

[Image credit: Bay Villas Koh Phangan]

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Let’s be honest, you’re probably already all set with your elaborate, detailed travel plans. If not, here’s what we have in mind for you Virgos. We know you sometimes have a difficult time calming down, and we feel for you. You deserve a place that allows you to utterly de-stress, but also somewhere beyond ordinary, so we’re recommending a trip to the charming province known as Chanthaburi. The local attractions make it a good place to explore and the tranquil beaches make it a good place to unwind, ideal for multi-sensory experiences, something you Virgos cherish. 

Where to stay: The Motifs Eco Hotel

[Image credit: The Motifs Eco Hotel]

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Chiang Rai

Doting on all things beauty, luxury, and romance, we deemed a luxury romantic getaway appropriate for you Libras. Book a trip for two and head over to Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort with your significant other this Songkran. Opt for the ‘Jungle Bubbles’ accommodation, and romance your way through your trip. Fair warning: endearing elephants may third-wheel your intimate getaway. You seek out a love story in every journey, and we believe you’ll fall in love several times with this picturesque property. This place ticks all the Libra boxes.

Where to stay: Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort 

[Image credit: Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort]

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Koh Lanta

Scorpios, you prefer vacationing by the water. Nay, you need to vacation by the water, thanks to your strong water-sign qualities. You usually know exactly what you want, and when it comes to travelling, research is your dearest friend. Your usual trips comprise of over-planning and over-packing, so maybe let loose a little for this one. Koh Lanta is a beautiful coastal town where you can give up control and go with the (water) flow. The extended coastline is home to almost a dozen beaches, so you’ll assuredly get rid of that island itch. 

Where to stay: Long Beach Chalet

[Image credit: Long Beach Chalet]

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Khao Yai

To appeal to the wanderlust-y, free-spirited nature in you Sagittarians, we’re recommending glamping your way through Songkran. Specifically, at Te Mata Glamping, a destination designed to provide an optimal escape for individuals with a sense of adventure and an affinity for exploring, in other words, for Sagittarians. At this Khao Yai property, you can engage in camp-like activities, avoid the crowd, and spend time in the outdoors. Perfect for you, travel extraordinaire? We believe so. 

Where to stay: Te Mata Glamping

[Image credit: Te Mata Glamping]

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Being the most ambitious of the signs, you’re always keen to educate yourself and pursue experiences that activate the higher intellect. Hence, you prefer travel experiences that acts as learning excursions, so this is what we have in mind for you. When we think history, we think Ayutthaya. With ancient temples, ancient ruins, and interesting relics at almost every corner of the city, this is a paradise for the inquisitive Capricorns. You’re guaranteed a history-rich, knowledge-filled trip here. 

Where to stay: Sala Ayutthaya 

[Image credit: Sala Ayutthaya]

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Aquarians are always in search of something new and something different. Sipping on cocktails by the beach or hiking up a mountain is not going to do it for the Aquarius sign. You love the weird and the unusual, and you love venturing out. Filled with history and mystery, we think taking a train ride to Kanchanaburi will do the trick for you trailblazers. An off-the-beaten-path adventure where you can delve into eccentricities and explore the Thai town. How does this sound, Aquarians? 

Where to stay: The Campster-Kanchanaburi

[Image credit: The Campster-Kanchanaburi]

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Lastly, it’s Ratchaburi for the go-with-the-flow creatives of the zodiac. Wat Khanon Nang Yai Museum is the main reason for choosing this province. Situated at Wat Khanon, the museum is outfitted in traditional Thai architecture and exhibits over 300 pieces of art inspired by shadow puppetry. Doting on all things creative, we believe exploring the intricate, incredible art here will entice the artistic individual in you. Besides this, there is also a plethora of local attractions to keep you occupied, too.

Where to stay: Khum Damnoen Resort

[Image credit: Khum Damnoen Resort]