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best thai omelette bangkok

The omelette is a timeless, classic dish. It’s simple, yet packed full of flavour, with different parts of the world having their own version. Here’s where to find the best Thai omelettes in Bangkok.

It’s one of the staples of the Thai kitchen—the Thai omelette has been part of the cuisine for so long, and each Thai mother has their own recipe they’re proud of. The warmth of the cooked egg seasoned lightly with salt and pepper slowly fading as you make your way to the assortment of flavours inside: the sweetness of fruits or vegetables, the savoury meat, the smell of herbs. And the best part: it’s fully customisable to whatever you want for the day, or whatever can be found in your pantry.

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Where to find eight delicious omelettes in Bangkok

You can’t really make a list of Thai omelettes without including Jay Fai. Her eatery has been awarded a Michelin Star and has appeared in a few Netflix shows, including Street Food Asia, and Chef’s Table. You can see Jay Fai herself in action, wearing her signature goggles and cooking two woks at once. The food is as price-friendly as your other regular khai jiao street food haunts, but you’ll get a very large omelette filled with crab meat that comes in huge, sweet chunks—all cooked to perfection. Be sure to book a table in advance.

Kiew Kai Ka’s signature omelette is crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. If just including crab meat in the omelette itself is not enough for you, they added some more on top of the omelette, too. It tastes great, is Instagrammable, and filled with nothing but deliciousness. The restaurant is also included in the 2022 Michelin Guide, showing off their prowess on Thai cuisine to the world.

3 /8

Nong Rim Klong

Speaking of being included in the Michelin Guide, Nong Rim Klong is a Thai eatery seafood lovers can’t miss. The fluffy omelette they offer is quintessential Thai, and filled with chunks on chunks of crab meat. Their ingredients are also very fresh with a price more than reasonable, so don’t hesitate to try your seafood favourites, including the squid with salted egg yolk, or the classic seabass tom yum.

4 /8

Eathai offers a premium selection of Thai street food stalls all gathered in one place. Try their fluffy crab meat omelette paired with your favourite Thai dishes, from kaprao, to prawns tom yum. The best part is that it’s very affordable, and just a short walk from BTS Chidlom station. That means that if you’re near and looking for a change from your usual lunch break, or looking to introduce yourself to new Thai delicacies, this might just be the place for you.

5 /8

A local hit among locals and visitors around Banthat Thong Road, Jeh Oh is famous for her tom yum noodles filled with fresh, delectable seafood. Next time, order that with the underrated omelette in her menu. It’s filled with delicious flavours that go really well with other signature dishes they offer. Remember to get there early as the queue can be quite long.

The Thai comfort food is elevated in Anantara Siam’s own Spice Market. It’s crispy, fluffy, and stuffed to the brim with juicy crab knuckles. It’s then served with lotus roots and other decorative herbs to give it an extra touch. The beautiful, intimate interior of the restaurant also makes the eatery a unique destination with relaxing vibes. Thai restaurant date, anyone?

7 /8

When it comes to a creamy omelette, Baanying goes hard. It’s fully customisable, and packed with so many ingredients that you’d be surprised. Their omelette rice starts at THB 65, but on top of that, you can have shrimps with XO sauce, grilled beef with gravy, Hainanese chicken, sun dried beef salad, and more. Many of the recipes are by Chef Enoch Teo of Fatt Chicken, and they’re worth many, many visits.

Using their grandmother’s recipes from Trat and Khon Kaen, Supanniga Eating Room features Thai classics from all over the country. Their omelette, titled “Khai Yok Song”, is made with prawns, colossal crab meat, basil, bird’s eye chili, and Koh Chang’s shrimp paste, before being cooked to perfection to give it a perfectly round shape. Sit as you watch the view of the Chao Phraya river up close if you’re at the Tha Thien branch—it’s like being Thai royalty.

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