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It’s the beginning of the month, and that paycheck you just got is begging to be spent. Luckily, we know what’s new this month, and they are not to be missed at all costs. Here’s where to drink in Bangkok this July, from new bars to new menus.

Right now, it can be said that everything’s steadily returning to normal again. The mask mandate has been lifted, tourists are returning, and businesses are looking to make a come back again. Evidently, this also goes for the drinks industry, as there are a couple of new destinations this month. It’s said that when you’re in Thailand, you’ll never run out of places to drink. Let us help you with that.

From new laidback bars, to refreshing additions to cocktail menus, here’s where to drink in Bangkok this July.

[Hero image credit: Campari; featured image credit: Firefly Bar/Bangkok]

Where to drink in Bangkok this July

Image credit: Firefly Bar

Firefly Bar adds new drinks to their menu

Firefly Bar is located with in the beautiful Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, and the bar is known for not playing around when it comes to drinks. Recently, they added three new drinks to their curated menu: “More Banana Please!”, a straight-forward cocktail with bitter sweet and fruity tones of Campari and bananas, “Firefly Old Fashioned”, a twist on the old classic using Firefly bergamot and orange sugar, and “Lady in Red No.2”, a sweet and fruity drink paying homage to the gorgeous icon of the same name. Accompanying the drinks are the welcoming atmosphere and live jazz, which could make anyone forget all the troubles of the day.

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Image credit: Campari

The Red Passion Project opens at The Okura Prestige Bangkok

The Okura Prestige Bangkok collaborated with Campari to open “The Red Passion Project”, a year-long project in which Thai-based bartenders take turns to create special Negroni-inspired cocktails. This project is taking place at the new inviting area at the hotel’s bar—painted in red, and proceeds from the sales will go directly to various charitable causes in the country. By visiting, you get to support local mixologists, indulge in the vibes, and contribute to good causes.

Image Credit: Yolo Group

Niks Anuman-Rajadhon’s talents are now recognised globally

The 4th edition of ‘Bar World 100: The Industry’s Most Influential Figures 2022’ was just announced, and Niks Anuman-Rajadhon of Yolo Group Bangkok represents Thailand at No. 46. Among the iconic names of the drinks industry around the world, Niks is the first and only Thai bar owner to ever be featured on the list — a great feat for the Thai drinks industry. Those interested can taste Niks’ delectable creations and enjoy his refreshing savoir faire at bars Teens of Thailand, Asia Today, Tax, and Independence. Each bar is legendary in its own right (with Teens of Thailand and Asia Today even making appearances on Netflix), with finely curated cocktail journeys to suit.

Image credit: Scene refectory & bar/Facebook

Scene Refectory & Bar opens as a destination from brunch to dinner

Located in Sukhumvit 49, Scene is your new dining destination that serves from brunch to dinner. They offer your favourite proteins, carbohydrates, and everything nice. Highlights include the California fried rice, cold cuts, and cold tofu. The best part: if you’re going for dinner, they have craft beer and reasonably-priced highballs and chuhais on the menu, and if you’re going for brunch (and the day is not going well for you), their brunch menu includes wine and sake, which you can buy by the glass or by the bottle.

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Image credit: downtown__abbey/Facebook

Coffee bar Downtown Abbey turns into “Abbey Haus” in the evening

Studio and specialty coffee bar Downtown Abbey unveils a new venture—the space turns into a laidback drinking spot as the clock hits 7pm. Enjoy New York-style pizzas, cheesecakes, as well as specialty cocktails and other spirits. The bar boasts vibes that resemble chilling in an apartment in NYC. With minimal-style interior, neon signs, and Gen Z-esque decor adorning the shelves, it’s like you’re relaxing with your friends in their room in downtown Manhattan. When the signature cocktail is named ‘Mean Girls’, you know you’re in for night that will be so fetch.

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Image credit: Escape Bangkok/Facebook

Bootleg Brothers beer now serving at Escape Bangkok

Bootleg Brothers, a local beer brand, is now the hot, new addition to Escape Bangkok. The space now includes a brew pub which is now home to five taps and seven tanks filled with an array of craft beer. It’s an experience beer enthusiasts just cannot miss. And as you’re sitting in Escape, be sure to try their food menu, which surely goes well with the drinks, including salmon tartare served on a lettuce leaf, and the scrumptious Australian beef sliders.

Image credit: Abandoned Mansion Bangkok

Abandoned Mansion is bringing back the swing

Travel back in time to the Prohibition era with the newly opened bar, Abandoned Mansion. It’s located under The Coach Hotel Sukhumvit 14, reminiscing back when alcohol had to be sold in basement bars to avoid authorities. The cocktail menu is inspired by the stories of old gangsters, with signatures including Al Capone, Bonnie & Clyde, Ma Barker, John Dillinger, and many more. Pairing the drinks are bar favourites of the old days that will warm your heart, and keeps you going as you enjoy live jazz and adore the 1920s interior. If you’re into cigars, they have an extensive cigar menu which you can order to smoke in a beautiful lounge overlooking the bar, too.

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