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Ruling Planet: Pluto/Mars

Energy Polarity: Yin/Feminine

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Anatomy: Genital and Excretory Organs

Metal: Iron

Gemstone: Beryl

Colour: Maroon, Deep shades of Red

Scorpio zodiac sign personality: Sweet the Sting

Whoever came up with the term, ‘Flirting with Danger’ was definitely thinking about a Scorpio. Yes, this is the sign of sex. Yes, this is also the sign of danger and nuclear explosions. This is also the sign of the dark unknown, the forces of death, as well as everything that happens after death has occurred. Therefore, many a Scorpio are nihilistic, because they don’t believe in pandering to the people-pleasing standards of society. Love and light can take a hike!

You have to remember, when the soul is born into Scorpio zodiac sign, it clearly didn’t want to incarnate in the human form. It was forced to do so in order to heal incredible traumas from numerous past lives. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto – the God of Death. Thus, almost all Scorpios are fascinated with the subject in some form or the other. Unlike most others, they don’t fear death – they respect it!

However, along with death, Pluto also rules riches, wealth, and power – which is why almost all Scorpios lust after the above. However, unlike Cancer who fears a life of poverty and thus clings onto money – Scorpio knows that money is power. They don’t care so much about material goods, but they do know that money talks and it gives you the power to sway and conquer the world in ways not even divine birthright can. Money also has the power to buy oneself freedom – something every Scorpio truly wishes for.

We must understand that there are three types of Scorpios in the world.

The first kind is the Eagle, the ones who soar high and rise above everyone else. They are the kind to attain powerful positions in the world and truly make it a better place through their work, as well as their example. They’re the kinds who will reward loved ones with fierce loyalty. Who will take a bullet to save a life. They will be captains of industry, or create life changing medical and scientific breakthroughs, or even save a life of someone in danger without a second thought.

The second is the Scorpion, who will sting others and will even sting themselves merely for the pure pleasure of it. They truly believe that revenge is a dish best served cold, and they will go through extreme extents to serve it well. These are the kind whose extreme nature can borderline on self-sabotage. However, they do have the power of resurrection. Thus, they have the chance to heal, reform, and strive to be like an Eagle. They just need to learn how to forgive – one of life’s most difficult lessons.

The third is the Grey Lizard, who get so overwhelmed by the world, that they descend deep into its depths and aren’t afraid to dabble in everything and anything that’s against the law. Unlike the Scorpion who isn’t afraid of seeking revenge, the Grey Lizard allows bitterness to seethe deeply within it, almost to the point of manifesting debilitating illnesses of the body, mind, and soul. They too have the power to heal and resurrect to become an Eagle, but many a times, they’re so addicted to the pain and trauma, that they don’t even want to heal. No one can help them until they’re willing to help themselves.

All those born under the Scorpio zodiac sign can either become an Eagle, a Scorpion, or a Grey Lizard. There’s no real way to predict which way they’ll go, because Pluto hides this secret from almost all astrologers. This is why, Scorpio is the sign of power – for they have the ability to take their lives to the greatest heights, as well as, to the greatest lows. It’s up to them which way they choose to go. They truly can be the masters of their destinies – yet they can be painfully human.

Scorpios are masters of sarcasm and dark humour – second only to Capricorn. Only when someone has experienced the darkest and most painful parts of the human existence, can they laugh at it. All Scorpios are born with inherent knowledge about the mysteries of life and death. Even if they forget it consciously as they grow up – their subconscious mind holds this knowledge ever so deeply. Thus, it’s so hard to ever truly shock or surprise a Scorpio.

I’m Sexy and I Know It

The magnetism of a Scorpio is incredibly real. When they are in love, they are erotically powerful, amazingly cunning, and totally dangerous. Yes, you should definitely be scared when you find yourself falling in love with a Scorpio. However, it’s the kind of fear that’s got a strange kind of aphrodisiac quality that you just can’t put a finger on.

The thing one must understand is that nothing a Scorpio does is a fluke. They don’t play – they strategise. They don’t flirt – they obsess. Sex is their favourite way to not only wield power, but also to seductively control you to dance to their every whim. Yes, for a Scorpio – love is indeed a battlefield, and sex is their weapon of choice.

When a Scorpio loves you, they have planned your seduction well before they even say their first ‘Hello’. Think of them like Joe Goldberg (played by the very Scorpio, Penn Badgley) in the Netflix show, “You”.

Penn Badgley

Remember, you can never seduce a Scorpio. If you find yourself doing so, it’s because they’ve carefully manipulated the circumstances and made you think that you need to be the seducer. However, they’ll keep testing you to see whether you’re worthy of the love they have to give you.

However, once you’ve passed those numerous tests, you’ll be loved in ways you’ve never experienced before. A Scorpio will give you their heart, mind, body, and soul. Yes, they will expect you to do the same, and will demand the utmost loyalty from you.

There is a certain unfairness when it comes to dating a Scorpio. They will have many secrets but will demand to know all of yours. There will be parts of their lives, their circle of friends, their homes (there will be a few locked drawers or secret hiding places), and even their mind that you will have absolutely no access to. They also are strangely possessive about certain things. Notice, it’s ‘their car’, ‘their Netflix password’, and even ‘their friends’. However, when it comes to you, everything you own – including your own inner thoughts, is also theirs. Yes, they do take ‘possessive’ to a whole new level.

Nevertheless, there will be parts of your life that shall be absolutely wonderful in the truest sense of the word. Scorpio zodiac sign will protect you, stand by you, and share every joy and sorrow. They will fulfil every want and desire you may possibly have. Even the most capricious whim shall be met with the utmost sincerity. Regardless of their gender identity, they will give you a beautiful home, make sure you’re comfortable and well-fed, and will ensure that no harm dare fall upon you.

Breaking up with them is incredibly hard. Even if they’re the ones to call things off, they’ll still find ways to creep back into your life and play with your mind. No matter how ‘modern’ or ‘evolved’ they may be – almost all Scorpios suffer from a major case of ‘If I can’t have you, then no one can!’

However, whether you tie the knot with them, or manage to survive a crazy break up with them, there is one major spiritual blessing in loving a Scorpio. Any kind of love shared with a Scorpio, automatically causes your soul to fast-track in its evolutionary and accession journey. Many negative karmas get cancelled and cleansed, while your karmic brownie point scores keep multiplying.

Scorpio zodiac sign compatibility

Best Lovers: Cancer & Pisces

Best Friends: Virgo & Capricorn

Polar Opposite, yet strangely similar: Taurus

Red Flags: Leo & Aquarius

Mysterious Wild-Cards: Gemini & Aries

Scorpio zodiac sign careers:

If your boss is a Scorpio, you should realise that they know everything you’re up to. They know about how you’ve taken an extra ten minutes during your breaks. They know how you’ve made a few personal calls during office hours. They know how you’ve been stealing the stationary, and they definitely know about all the people you have a crush on at work. Very rarely will they call you out on it, especially if they see you’re getting the job done. However, when you fail, they will remind you not only of your failure, but every misstep along the way. It’s rare that they’ll shout – that’s more an Aries or a Leo Boss – but they will bring you to tears. Don’t even think about crying in front of them for sympathy. Once you’ve failed them – you’ve failed them. If they’re in a generous mood, you might get a second chance to prove yourself again.

However, a Scorpio never forgets loyalty and will always reward it well. Be a model employee, and your Scorpio boss will mentor you in ways that can almost lead you to become a tycoon in your own right.

Whether they’re your boss or your colleague, do not make the mistake of flattering them. They can see through an insincere compliment with ease, and they have no respect for brown-nosing yes-people.

Just one thing – do not lie to them. When it comes to the workplace, they will not tolerate any kind of deception. Even if it’s something minor – they will sniff out the lie like a bloodhound and will use every dark-psychology trick in the book to get you to confess.

A Scorpio never spends too much time in positions of subservience – at least at work. Their energy supply is almost indefatigable, and they aren’t afraid of putting in an all-nighter to make ridiculous deadlines. However, they aren’t the type who will slave away at a dead-end career. The minute they discover that their hard work and talents aren’t being appreciated, they will switch jobs faster than you can say, ‘severance’.

All Scorpios are blessed with a marvellous business sense. Even if they choose a path of service, somehow, they’re excellent at making incredible profits through a side-hustle of sorts. You can be sure that their investment portfolios are rock solid, and they definitely have alternative flows of passive income.

But remember, it’s always about the power. To a Scorpio – power is everything. And their lust for it is almost Machiavellian.

Here’s a brief list of careers best suited for Scorpio:

Detectives, Financial Planners, Engineers, Pharmacists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Funerary Services, Surgeons, Internal Medicine Specialists, Chemists, Auditors, Accountants, Editors, Scientists, Researchers, Occultists, Market Analysis, Stock Brokers, Wealth Management, Medical Examiners, Secret Service, Military Specialist, Gynaecologists, Urologists, Proctologists, Anaesthesiologists, Astrologers, Psychics, Past Life Regression Therapists, Hypnotherapists, Film Editors, Sexologists, Kundalini Yogis, Law Enforcement, Criminal Psychologists, Forensics analysts, Taxation, Grief Counsellors, Arms Dealers etc.