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“Everyone is hungry, but every individual’s hunger is different.”

When Netflix Thailand released the official trailer for their new movie, Hunger, we were shocked by the level of intensity. Within just a few minutes, the gripping trailer showcased raw emotions and stunning visuals, making many audiences excited to see how the film would unfold. Lucky for us, tomorrow, April 8, 2023, Hunger will finally be released on Netflix in over 190 countries. Directed by Sittisiri Mongkolsiri, who is known for the popular Netflix Thai thriller series Girl from NowhereHunger holds a different approach. With that, LSA has obtained some exclusive information on what to expect from Netflix Thailand’s Hunger. Don’t worry. We won’t spoil it. 

[Hero & Feature Images Courtesy of Netflix Thailand]

4 things you can expect from Hunger

Before we tell you the four things to expect from Hunger, here is the film’s gist. Aoy runs her family’s street food stall, and one day gets invited to become a chef at a fine dining restaurant where she meets Chef Paul. You can already tell where the film is heading, right? But what else does the director have in store for us? Let’s find out. 

High profile cast 

Let’s start with the leading actress, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, also known as ‘Aokbab,’ who plays Aoy. From an ingenious exam cheater to a top-notch chef, this model and actress is known for her role in Bad Genius. She’s also the first Thai actress to win the Screen International Rising Star Asia Award in 2017. Chef Paul is played by Nopachai’ Peter’ Chaiyanam. The Thai-German actor has played many leading roles throughout his acting career. He’s mostly known for Headshot, The Secret Weapon, Voice, and Nymph. Another person featured is Gunn Svasti Na Ayudhya, playing the junior sous chef, Tone, who invites Aoy to join Hunger. Known for starring in many Thai dramas, he is also the nephew of the famous chef McDang.

Image Courtesy of Netflix Thailand

An array of perspectives 

We can expect various points of view as the movie focuses on peoples’ hunger, whether for wealth, fame, and more. As leading actress Aokbab tells us, “everyone is hungry, but every individual’s hunger is different.” 

Image Courtesy of Netflix Thailand

The not-so-glitz and glamour 

Most don’t think about what happens behind closed doors in the kitchen. However, Hunger goes beyond the beautifully plated food. The movie reveals the gore, the reality of the culinary industry. It highlights the value of ingredients, the tiredness, and the pressures chefs undergo to make it. Audiences can expect to see “the difficulties and effort behind a single dish,” says Peter. We can also expect the unravelling of something as nurturing as cooking to become an environment full of ego, abuse, power, and control. 

The trailer doesn’t reveal all

Although the trailer seems like it’s about food and those in the food industry, it’s much more than that. Expect many flavours as the film presents society, friends, love, family— the lives of real people. Food is just a metaphor used to express “human desires and ambitions.”