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This week begins with a powerful New Moon, bringing with it the chance to not only let go off the past, but to also make way for the new. This is also the last week of Mercury’s chaotic retrograde. However, before we can breathe a collective sigh of relief, it’s important to be mindful of our deeds and actions. Mercury is a trickster, and you never know what it may have up it’s sleeve. The stars have special messages for us that have been divined lovingly by the Tarot. The Angels have blessed these messages so that we may make the most of the week ahead. Let’s take a look at the weekly September horoscope.

September horoscope 2022 for the week

Aries weekly September horoscope


Breathe, Aries! Compose yourself! This is the last week of the retrograde, and so we ask of you to just be patient a little while longer. Yes, it has been a rough few weeks, and you’ve been so good. Just wait it out a little longer, and all shall be fine. Nothing is so incredibly urgent that it cant be done without thoughtful contemplation.

If circumstances (and people) around you are triggering, then just take a step back, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. To get triggered easily is a sign of weakness that people love to take advantage of. Don’t give them that chance. Show them you’re a master of yourself. Then they’ll have no choice but to back off and marvel at your steadfastness!

Taurus weekly September horoscope


You are a strong being Taurus! In fact, you’re perhaps the strongest being amongst all your peers and loved ones. However, you don’t have to do things to prove your strength. Only the weak try to desperately prove they are something that they are now. All you have to do is just ‘be’. In just being secure in who you are, your strength shall radiate through, and you wouldn’t have to even break a sweat.

Just remember, it’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. There are many who are rooting for you, and will be all the more happy to help out. This way, not only shall you be all the more successful in your endeavours, but you’ll have time to rest and recharge!

Gemini weekly September horoscope


As your ruler, Mercury, comes to an end this weekend, this is a powerful time for you to do a major life-assessment, and cut off all the habits, people, and situations, that aren’t serving your highest good. To judge that, all you have to do is ask yourself, “Am I empowered in this situation, or does it leave me drained?” Answering that question can make all the difference in your life – in the short and the long run!

It’s really not that difficult to cut cords, Gemini. The thing is, you must be willing to let go of those negative and draining influences, and live a freer and more empowered life. If you are, then it’s all the more easy to move on. If you aren’t, ask yourself, “Why am I holding on to this even if it’s robbing me of my peace of mind?” Take your time with that answer – it can prove to be incredibly illuminating.

Cancer weekly September horoscope


This is a powerful week for you, Cancer, as your ruler – The Moon – is ending it’s lunation cycle. This means that you have the opportunity to clear your space – physical, mental, and energetic – of all negative influences in order to make room for fresh and new energies that bring with them blessings of love, abundance, and prosperity that shall be showered upon you when the new lunar cycle begins.

The new moon is a mighty time for you to start afresh, and this week is ideal to plant new manifestation seeds that shall bloom and blossom in both – the short, as well as, the long term. Just by being born under this sign, you have the natural ability to make your manifestations stronger than most others. All you have to do is have faith that ‘The Universe’ is making it happen, and then let go.

Leo weekly September horoscope


Dear Leo, this is a week where ‘The Universe’ is allowing you to charge full speed ahead. You have been blessed with the strength to power through and successfully fulfil all your goals and objectives. Do not hesitate, for this is a time for you to keep moving. After all, negativity can never hit a moving target. Thus, the more you keep at it, the more you’ll dodge the bullets of darkness and the brighter you shall shine!

Major opportunities are going to knock on your door. Be sure to grab them immediately and get on moving. Do not pass them thinking better ones will come. It’s only when you begin taking them on, shall ‘The Universe’ send more and more your way. Don’t worry – you’ll not only have all the capacity to handle them well, but you shall thrive from one success to the other. Just say, ‘yes’, and see how the doors open up for you.

Virgo weekly September horoscope

Virgo zodiac sign

Dear Virgo, you need to learn to trust more. Yes, not everyone around you isn’t as steadfast as you are, and no one else can do things as efficiently and effectively as you can. However, as much as you’re capable of living by yourself, and doing things your way happily – if you keep closing yourself off – you’ll block yourself from the divine blessings of abundance and prosperity. Open up – you might be pleasantly surprised!

The sooner you learn to give up the resistance and surrender whole-heartedly – the sooner your life shall be abundantly blessed with love, joy, and abundance. All you gotta do is trust it!

Libra weekly September horoscope

Libra zodiac sign

Oh Libra, you must remember that not all love is of the romantic kind. To limit a powerful force like love to the limited and fickle realm of romance, is to severely short-change not only love’s power, but also the power of your ruler – Venus. There are plenty of people in your life, who love you in non-romantic ways. These are valuable friends and loved ones who perhaps you’ve ignored lately. Take time to acknowledge and appreciate them.

This week, celebrate your friends! Especially those that have stuck with you through thick-and-thin. Doing so might heal the wounds that have left mighty scars upon your heart. Your true and loyal friends will enable you to not only discover parts of yourself that have been hidden so long, but will also help open your heart to receiving love that is more powerful than any fleeting romance.

Scorpio weekly September horoscope

Weekly horoscope

True courage doesn’t come from extraverted bravado. By being loud and pounding your chest the hardest – doesn’t exactly make you brave. In fact, doing so might actually show the world that you’re incredibly weak – thus giving your naysayers the opportunity to take advantage of you, and thus catch you off guard – causing you to take a mighty tumble in life. Trust me, you don’t want to give them such a chance!

Your silence can be incredibly powerful, Scorpio. You don’t have to lose yourself over any and every triggering force that comes along your path. The more you remain steadfast in your path and hold onto your principles, the more you shall be a powerful and unshakeable force. Own your silence!

Sagittarius weekly September horoscope

Weekly horoscope: Sagittarius

If you wish to create harmony and balance around yourself, then it’s important that you work on creating harmony and balance within you. The simplest way to do that is to be mindful of what you eat and take care of your sleep cycles. Once that’s taken care off, then you’ll have the strength and mind-space to face all the disharmonious forces that are festering within you, and resolve them with the spirit of love and compassion.

We can’t really bring about changes in the world if we do not change ourselves first. The way to do this is to operate form a space of love and compassion. Don’t roll your eyes, for great wise men and poets of the past have said that to see the face of love, is akin to seeing the face of god. Let’s start with discovering that face in the mirror, and witness the grace that comes along with it.

Capricorn weekly September horoscope


This is a powerful week for you, Capricorn, as divine portals are opening up in ‘The Universe’ that shall be sending important spiritual guidance to you through etheric channels. Whether you’re a firm spiritualist on a spiritual path, or even a sceptic that rolls their eyes at all such things, ‘The Universe’ doesn’t care. It knows it has to send these ‘spiritual downloads’ to you this week. It’s up to you to be open and receptive to receiving them.

Pay special attention to the messages you receive during your prayers or meditations. Even spending some quiet time focusing on your breath can be quite a revelatory experience. Your dreams hold a special significance this week. Keep a journal by your bed (with a pen) and note down your dreams immediately upon waking. Pay special attention to signs, symbols, omens, and ‘convenient coincidences’, as well as, repetitive number patterns – especially (but not limited to) – 111, 1111, 222, 2222, 666, 777, and 888.

Aquarius weekly September horoscope

Aquarius weekly horoscope

One of the advantages of being an Aquarius is that you’re a ‘fixed air’ sign. What does that mean? Well, when something as fleeting and light as air can be ‘fixed’ that means, you have power over an element most can only dream of. What is ruled by air? Our thoughts! If you can gain control of your thoughts, the world becomes your oyster, that constantly rewards you with pearls whenever you desire.

Focus your thoughts and intentions towards achieving your goals and desires. Even if they seem lofty and others deem them to be impossible – ignore them! Focus your thoughts and intentions, and manifest without fear and hesitation!

Pisces weekly September horoscope

Pisces weekly horoscope

Dear Pisces, you must remember that the power of your faith can truly move mountains. Deep down, you know you have it in you to manifest miracles. Sometimes you’ve been shocked at how they’ve occurred. Do not ignore this gift, especially during this time when there’s so much for you to do, as well as, offer to the world around you. All you got to do is ask – and like all spiritual teachers guide us – you shall receive!

Just remember, when you ask, have full faith that you’ve not just received it, but you are enjoying the benefits of it. That way, your manifestations flow freely.