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June 2022 horoscope

The week begins with Saturn continuing its retrograde path, with fleeting conjunction with the moon, causing many of us to have powerful emotional reactions – especially with respect to past karmas (and past life ones). However, for the June 2022 horoscope, with Jupiter and Mars empowering each other, and Venus escaping the seismically volatile union of Uranus and Rahu, forming a powerful alliance with Mercury – showcasing a powerful time where we all can experience the true strength and transformative powers of love – especially self-love. The stars have beautiful messages for us that have been lovingly divined by the Tarot – reminding us that we all have Angels and an entire team of spiritual guides and guardians that are willing to help us out whenever we ask them.

June 2022 horoscope: Tarot reading for all zodiac signs

Aries June 2022 horoscope

June 2022 Horoscope

This week is all about cutting cords. Whether they are people with whom relationships have ceased evolving or turned toxic, with habits, lifestyle choices, behavioural patterns, or even things in your daily routine that aren’t serving your higher good. Yes, this isn’t about a slow taper or even a gradual release. This is about doing a direct and clear cut – cold turkey if you will – and just letting it go immediately. The more time you spend hemming-and-hawing about it, the more difficult it’ll be for you to move on and heal.

One way of doing it is to affirm the cords being cut. Whether it’s literally telling someone that this relationship is over or are just putting it out there (especially through social media) that you’re making major lifestyle changes. This way, the fact that you’ve put it out there, you’ve already empowered yourself to do the actual work. Following through is what comes next, and with your fiery Martian energy – that shouldn’t be a problem. Then again, you’ve always been a person of action. So, cut the cords!

Taurus June 2022 horoscope

Horoscope for 2022

It’s important to remember that you are always loved and protected. There are powerful forces in ‘The Universe’ that are working behind the scenes in subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle ways, to help you live your best possible life. All you have to do is learn to surrender to this fact. Know and realise with every single atomic strand of your being that the above-mentioned fact is true. The minute you have that kind of faith, you’ll be able to physically feel that love and protection around you, as well as, show up for you when you need it most!

Just make sure that you ask for it! Yes, that’s the catch. After all, there’s a reason why so many spiritual texts preach the adage – “Ask, and you shall receive!” If you don’t ask, your squad of Divine Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides doesn’t step in (unless it’s life-threatening), because they see it as you exercising your free will. The minute you ask for help, they’ll immediately get to work. You can literally say, “Angels, please help me with this situation, thank you!”, and before you know it – the situation has been resolved. So learn to have complete faith, surrender to the greater divine intelligence, and most importantly – ask for help when you need it.

Gemini June 2022 horoscope

You must understand that everything is happening in accordance with Divine Timing. The time we follow is bound by three-dimensional rules as dictated by scientists and time-measuring units that are finite and follow restrictive rules. The Divine Forces belong to higher dimensions, where our human time and space don’t affect them. Thus, all you need to remember is that your prayers, wishes, affirmations, and manifestations have not only been heard but have been answered and granted. The way we can see them realised in front of our very eyes is by letting go of our cynicism and constantly testing things out for the sake of mocking and proving that ‘this stuff doesn’t work’. It does – but you’re just closing yourself off to it.

When we have complete faith in the workings of the Divine Forces, we automatically let go of ‘poverty consciousness’ – i.e. the constant need to always be in want or need of things, people, occurrences, or even miracles to manifest. The more we are constantly wanting and needing – the more we’ll remain constantly wanting and needing. Thus, our hopes and dreams get stalled and our progress gets halted, and we’re left feeling all the more frustrated and deluded, which leads to our cynicism and scepticism regarding the magic of the divine. Keep your faith strong and see how magic manifests within your life.

Cancer June 2022 horoscope

June 2022 horoscope

Courage doesn’t mean that you have to constantly be leaping into battles. True courage and bravery is to still rise to the call of action, in spite of fearing the consequences of doing so. It doesn’t come from talking big fighting words and stirring up unnecessary conflict or drama for the sake of it. It comes from humbly asking for help in your moments of need, and not being afraid to speak the truth – especially your own truth – even though it may be incredibly difficult to express, or for others to hear.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. That way, you won’t let pride, ego, and any tendency for self-sabotage keep you from asking for help. The minute you ask for help, you’ll discover that not only are there so many people who are ready to help you – but you’ll also open divine portals through which your angels, guardians, and spirit guides, will be able to send blessings your way. This way, rather than going through life’s hurdles on your own – you’ll be backed up by friends and loved ones, and a spiritual squad of your divine helpers.

Leo June 2022 horoscope

Leo 2022 horoscope

This is a powerful week for you to practice manifestations, for there are powerful divine energy portals that are allowing abundance, prosperity, love, and joy to flow freely your way. All you have to do is to remember that you are a divine child of ‘The Universe’ and are worthy of all the good things life has to offer. Believing that as a Leo shouldn’t be impossible. If it is, then you might have a conflicting moon or rising sign. If that’s the case, then (pardon my French) eff-it! Your sun sign is your soul and it will always be more powerful than any other sign or placement.

Now that we’ve established your solar divinity, let’s talk about how to make the most of this week with respect to your manifestations. Just remember that the minute you affirm them, you’ve planted seeds that shall blossom into whatever you’ve wished to manifest. Trust that they will grow in accordance with divine timing. Furthermore, speak of them as if they’re already present in your life. For example, instead of saying “I want to be rich!” try saying, “I am wealthy and comfortable with enough time to enjoy the fruits of my success.” The former will just create more scarcity and desperation. The latter will keep you grounded and you’ll get the maximum results with even more blessings. Be sure to add a, ‘Thank You” at the end. Gratitude opens you up to even more blessings.

Virgo June 2022 horoscope


This week, pay attention to all that’s going on around you. ‘The Universe’ is sending powerful messages that contain important information that’ll help accelerate your personal, mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution. These messages can come in obvious ways – like a great piece of advice. Perhaps even hearing a song lyric, or a dialogue in a show. They can also come in very subtle ways, like a divine whisper that’s repeating a message with love in your mind, or even in a dream through symbolic visions that only you can decipher or interpret. You may even get major ‘eureka moments’ or even a simple ‘ah-ha moment’ where everything make will sense.

Listening is one of the most powerful acts of magic, for not only does it make us receptive to what’s being said, but it also helps us discover powerful secrets through subtext and things that aren’t being said. Through mastering the art of listening, we can silence the distractive chatter that’s around and within us, and focus completely on what actually deserves our attention. This way, we aren’t misled down wrong paths and neither are we drawn towards making bad decisions. Open your ears – especially your psychic ears – and listen deeply.

Libra June 2022 horoscope


Sometimes, the most powerful thing you can do is back off. When we’re able to take a step back without letting our pride be hurt or ego bruised, we are able to assess the situation we’re struggling with in a calm and peaceful manner and assess it from various perspectives. Thus, taking a step back never wastes time. It actually prevents us from making regrettable choices that’ll come back to haunt us. Backing off doesn’t mean you’re defeated. It means you’re withdrawing to re-strategise your path towards victory. A latter victory lasts longer than a shallow early one that’s achieved rashly.

Furthermore, when you take a step back, you’re showing your vulnerability and that you’re not ready to handle things on your own. Being unable to handle everything on our own is a sign that we need to reach out and take the help of those who are more skilled at the things we aren’t. Taking help won’t make you look weak. It’ll actually help you build up your ‘army’ and make everyone envious of you by making you the leader of their #squadgoals. And I’m not just talking of actual people in your squad. I’m talking about your Divine Heavenly Forces that are desperately waiting for you to ask for their help so that they can intervene and help.

Scorpio June 2022 horoscope

June 2022 horoscope

You must remember that you cannot control everything. The more you try to do so, the more you’re inviting the forces of chaos to wreck havoc on your plans. Even if you do successfully achieve what you want through meticulously controlling and manipulating circumstances (and people), the consequences of your actions will come back to haunt you. There’s no power in being able to control situations and people, especially when we cannot control the consequences of our actions. The only thing we should try to control – is ourselves – and our reaction to all that life throws at us. The first step towards that is to surrender.

Through the act of surrendering, we are actually telling, ‘The Universe’, that we trust its divine magical forces completely. Through surrendering, we are signaling that we accept who we are, that we aren’t going to mess with other people’s personal autonomy, and that we are secure in our own personal powers and ability. This way, we become far more powerful than we could ever imagine. And when we’ve learned to do us, we start acing the path of self-mastery. Go ahead – surrender!

Sagittarius June 2022 horoscope

Sagittarius November 2021 Horoscope

This is a powerful week, especially for those who are on a spiritual path. Powerful portals are opening up, through which Divine Blessings shall be flowing your way. Important and powerful downloads shall be coming your way that contain vital spiritual, as well as, practical information that will guide you on your path ahead. If you’re a regular meditator, or even if you take time to pray – pay attention to the advice you get in the form of a loving whisper that empowers you without any traces of judgment, regret, or any ounce of negativity. For some of you, there might be powerful revelations that reveal secrets about the world around and within you.

If you do not follow a particular spiritual path, or believe in a more agnostic or even a sceptical way of life – do not worry, for these ethereal downloads are also available to you. Pay attention to signs, omens, divine signals, as well as, repetitive number patterns – especially 1111, 999, 222, and even 333. Seeing these is a sign that you are in alignment with Divine and Angelic forces, and are thus on the right path in life. Let go of negativity and limiting beliefs, because you are worthy of goodness.

Capricorn June 2022 horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope for 2022

Expect a miracle and a miracle shall occur. Do not dismiss them, because then you shall block future blessings coming your way. Even if it’s something as trivial as finding a perfect parking spot in a mall on a crowded day or even gaining gift points through online shopping – it’s still a blessing. Acknowledge them and express gratitude for them, and you shall be inviting ‘The Universe’ to send powerful and perhaps even life-changing miracles to enable you to soar through life. You’d be surprised how a simple thank you for even the most mundane gesture can go a long way.

Receptivity is like a muscle. The more you work it the stronger it becomes. If your ability to receive (or even being open to receiving) is weak, how will you be able to handle major blessings coming your way. Thus, start with acknowledging the seemingly (yet deceptively) minor blessings that come your way. Express genuine joy and gratitude upon receiving it – and slowly, but surely – you’ll be able to handle bigger and and transformative blessings. Slowly, it’ll only be massive silver linings that are surrounding your energy field – creating miracles.

Aquarius June 2022 horoscope

This is a powerful transformative week for you, as ‘The Universe’ is propelling you towards making changes within your life. Even if it’s something as minor as changing your toothpaste, or moderate as changing your workout routine, or even something as powerful as regulating your eating and sleeping patterns – these will all create powerful ripple effects that will possibly steer you towards living an empowered life. Before you know it, you’ll reflect upon your present self and wonder, “What was I thinking living such a limited life?” You won’t be able to recognise the person you are today – and perhaps that’s a good thing, for it means you not only believed that you were worthy of bigger and better things, but you put yourself out there and worked towards manifesting them within your life.

Please understand that the only thing stopping you from achieving even your wildest dreams is your resistance to change. Yes, it’s good to have steadfast principles and strong ideals. However, with time, we need to learn how to adapt with the ever-changing world around us. This way we will not only be ready to handle every little thing life throws at us, but we’ll remain strong whenever sudden unexpected events occur that would cause a weaker being to fall off balance. You are incredibly strong, and you have it in you to experience the powerful blessings that come with these subtle and not-so-subtle changes.

Pisces June 2022 horoscope

Whether you are a trained medical professional, or a certified energy/alternative healer, or just someone that believes in the power of the human will and love – you are a healer. Even if all you do is listen patiently to a friend or a loved one, or if you’re advising a client on how to lead a more profitable life – you have a healing presence that can truly benefit the lives of others. Embrace it wholeheartedly without any trace of ego, pride, or personal gain, and you’ll be amazed at the powerful blessings that shall come your way! Even the tiniest act of kindness from you can not only empower a complete stranger, but will actually open you up to powerful portals of prosperity and abundance.

Perhaps this is a sign for you to explore your healing potential this week. Maybe take up reiki, or an energy healing modality – even if you don’t wish to heal others professionally – you can use it as a grounding spiritual practice to empower yourself. Perhaps it’s also a sign for you to consider doing acts of charity – particularly for the sick and underprivileged. Charity (without seeking publicity) is a genuine act of healing too. Even if it’s something like feeding street dogs, birds, or abandoned animals and taking care of them – that too counts as an act of healing – and yes, it’ll all open you up towards receiving abundance in return.

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