Ways to improve the feng shui at your office and desk space

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Ways to improve the feng shui at your office and desk space

Feng shui is an ancient, traditional Chinese practice which translates to the wind (Feng) and water (Shui). Feng shui is over 3,000 years old and widely followed in China and many Southeast Asian countries. But it is not limited to this region, as feng shui experts are being consulted all over the US, UK, and other western countries to accentuate the office space. Designing spaces according to this ancient Chinese practice is said to bring the individual a lot of luck, prosperity and peace. So, to make your work environment extra productive in 2023, it’s not a bad idea to fashion your office space and desk according to feng shui principles.

Additionally, the position of room furniture and the presence of certain plants and colours all play a role if you are seeking success in your career. Though there is a lack of scientific evidence to support the case of feng shui, one can still look at creating an office space which is clutter-free, appealing and inspiring, promoting a positive attitude that, in turn, is useful to conduct business efficiently.

What is feng shui and why is it important?

Office desk
Image: Courtesy of Rick Morrison/Unsplash

Feng shui, which is rooted in Taoism, is all about maintaining a balance between the five basic natural elements of nature: earth, wood, fire, water and metal. A perfect harmony of all these elements has a positive effect on our well-being.

Each of the five elements denotes certain aspects of life. Wood symbolises creativity and growth; earth stands for stability, health and humility; fire, one of the most powerful elements, denotes passion and transformation, while water element takes care of one’s emotional well-being and provides a much-needed dose of inspiration.

Here are some tips for beginners to have an office desk which is in sync with the feng shui principles.

Best office desk colour and materials, as per feng shui

feng shui for office desk
Image: Courtesy of Noblet/Pexels

Whether you have a co-working space, a corporate job or a home office, if you have the option to choose your desk, please exercise it because the colour and structure of the same are very significant for good feng shui.

As per this Chinese practice, the recommended work desk would be a brown wooden table. This is because the brown colour represents earth, which denotes strength and stability, and wood is a symbol of growth. On the flip side, a glass work table or desk is a strict no-no in feng shui.

In other options, you could go for painted wood or composites that attract earth elements. If you are not a big fan of wooden tables, then you can choose metal, too, which signifies focus and order. As far as colours are concerned, you can choose yellow, brown or orange. They all signify earth. You can also go for a black colour which signifies the water element and can supply you with loads of inspiration.

If all these colours don’t interest you, then there are still options in the form of green or blue coloured desks. They ensure that you have the wood element, which, as mentioned earlier, is a symbol of growth. Metallic or white colour symbolises the metal element, which focuses on efficiency and clarity. Lastly, you can bring in the fire element and go for something in the hues of red to ensure lots of passion and fame in your business.

Office feng shui in 2023: Desk shape and positioning

Office space
Image: Courtesy of Vadim Sherbakov/Unsplash

While the office desk shape comes in standard rectangular or L-shaped variety, you need to figure out how much space it is taking in the room and how it has been kept because these are important factors that can’t be ignored in feng shui.

Sturdy, standing and decently sized tables are recommended. Avoid extremely small desks to save space because, according to this practice, one needs a full-size workstation to prosper in their area of business. Also, care must be taken that one desk does not dominate the entire space and make it look cluttered.

The best feng shui desk position is the commanding position. Meaning one should keep their desk far away from the entrance in such a way that the entrance is visible after being seated. But it should not be in your line of sight. A diagonal direction is preferred.

Not able to achieve this view? Then placing a mirror at the desk to look at the reflection of the entrance door will help. Avoid facing towards a wall, and make sure you have a partial outside view through a side window. Again, you can use mirrors to correct your feng shui if the view is not favourable.

Objects to put on the desk

feng shui for office desk
Image: Courtesy of George Milton/Pexels

Generally, all feng shui principles recommend decluttering the space you are living or working in, as old items collecting dust are not good for the growth and prosperity of an individual. At the same time, keeping your desk bare is definitely not recommended because it points towards an imbalance of yin (cold) and yang (hot) energies.

For a perfect balance, your office desk should have these three objects: a ceramic or an earthenware piece, which denotes earth, for stability; a green plant, representing wood, for growth and a fluorite crystal for mental clarity.

Feng shui plants for your office desk

feng shui for office desk
Image: Courtesy of Kyla Henry/Unsplash

One of the most significant feng shui objects is plants, and your office desk must reflect this principle. Plants that are natural air purifiers are preferred. They not only increase the aesthetic value of the space but attract healthy living and thinking.

Plants symbolise the wood element and fuel creativity and growth. Some of the best plants to include on your work desk are those that are easy to maintain and do not dry out or die easily. Few plants that you should consider having:

Jade plant

This succulent could be tricky to take care of, but its rewards are fulfilling since it represents growing wealth.


One of the most popular office plants, the upward growth of bamboo symbolises progress. It is easy to maintain and portable to keep.


A natural purifier, a rubber tree thrives in low sunlight and hence is ideal for office use. It is useful for people who are into business development.

Peace Lily

Peace lily requires a lot of care and attention to detail concerning the soil quality, watering habits and adequate natural light. But, it is known to provide stability of mind and reduce stress. It is also believed that this plant increases efficiency.

Money plants

Just as the name suggests, these plants attract wealth. They do not need direct sunlight and are quite resilient, hence great for a work desk.

What to avoid?

Minimising clutter increases efficiency, and as pointed out earlier, feng shui swears by this principle. This also means that you need to have adequate space between you and your co-workers if you are sharing the same space. Avoid sitting with your backs towards each other or even face to face as that encourages conflict.

Another important element of feng shui suggests that all furniture must have rounded edges and a soothing and earthy colour palette.

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