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Jennifer garner workout

Based on Jennifer Garner’s Instagram profile, you’d think the actress had unlimited stores of energy. It’s no secret she’s a fan of high-intensity workouts (have you seen her full-body workout, courtesy of her trainer?), and her latest post proves she’s as agile as ever.

Garner shared a look at a recent home workout on her Instagram this week with the caption, “Get in formation. #BansOffOurBodies.” In a series of clips set to Beyoncé’s new single “BREAK MY SOUL,” the actress jumps on top of two stacked plyo boxes totalling 30 inches in height, before splitting up the boxes for lateral box jumps. Then Garner takes to a mini trampoline for a jump combo that includes a handstand with her knees bent.

After that, Garner appears to take a dance break, twirling around on top of one of the plyo boxes. At the end of the video, the 50-year-old does a series combining a sit-up with her back on the mini trampoline with jumping over a Pilates box.

Simply watching these exercises is exhausting, and Garner’s followers were quick to applaud her in the comments of her post. “Woooohoooo❤️❤️❤️,” wrote actress Viola Davis. “I can’t even. I mean, I literally can’t,” added singer Rita Wilson.

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If you’re wondering what Garner is up to in these clips, it’s a style of training called plyometrics (aka explosive exercises, such as jumping). These high-impact, high-intensity movements are all about producing the most force possible in the shortest amount of time, Chris Ryan, CSCS, a certified personal trainer with MIRROR and a lululemon ambassador, previously told Shape. While plyometrics can be “hard on the joints,” according to Ryan, they boast major benefits, including helping you run faster, jump higher, build athleticism, and even improve bone mineral density, Shape previously reported.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder why Garner’s trainer, Beth Nicely, incorporates plyometrics into the actress’ fitness routine. “Jen is in such great shape that I love creating ways to challenge her heart rate,” Nicely previously told Shape. “Jen is very busy, and the circuits we do on the box are both challenging and efficient, ensuring she maximizes her time and effort.”

It’s important to note that Garner is at “an advanced level,” according to Nicely. So, if you’re just getting started with plyometric workouts, you may want to start off with some less complicated moves than the ones Garner showed off in her recent Instagram post.

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