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Nicole Scherzinger, the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls, took to Instagram this week to give followers a peek at one of her recent workout sessions, and let’s just say she’s still the number one chick when she steps out on the scene.

Nicole Scherzinger shares her workout session on Instagram

The fast-paced video includes clips of Scherzinger hitting multiple exercises in a colourful pair of leggings, blue sneakers, and a blue sports bra with her hair tied back in a high bun. The Instagram post is set to audio featuring motivational speaker Les Brown, serving as a reminder that practice doesn’t make perfect. “Practice and practice and practice…Practice makes improvement,” says Brown’s voice in the background while the singer powers through her sweat session.

“Hope everyone had a good Monday! Practice makes…improvement. ?? #mondaymotivation,” wrote Scherzinger in the caption of her post.

The video includes footage of Scherzinger tackling a variety of exercises. First, she does elevated curtsy lunges from on top of a bench, taking the lower body move up a notch with the added element of stability required to maintain her balance while stepping up and over the piece of equipment. Next, she gets into downward dog on a mat and touches one hand to her opposite foot in a plank-to-pike reach, getting a deep stretch in her lower back while testing her upper body strength and core stability to maintain the position on just three limbs.

After that, the video quickly transitions to a clip of the TV personality (you may have recently seen her acting as a judge on The Masked Singer) doing a frogger, which involves jumping the feet outside of the hips from plank pose and lifting the hands up for a low squat before placing the hands back down on the ground and jumping back into a plank pose. Then, she’s standing and holding a dumbbell in both hands for staggered-stance Romanian deadlifts. For this move, her left leg is slightly forward and her left foot is flat on the ground while she balances on her right toes with her right leg slightly behind her hips. She lowers the weight down toward the ground, maintaining a flat back, before rising back up to standing position, working her glutes and hamstrings.

Scherzinger tagged her trainer Paolo Mascitti, who’s also worked with Lana Candor and Lesley-Ann Brandt, in the post. If you follow him on Instagram, you’ll see even more of the “Don’t Cha” singer’s workouts, which seem to include strength training and HIIT moves.

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