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You won’t be able to miss the Ferrari LaFerrari’s successor when it finally arrives.

On Thursday, the YouTuber Varryx posted the first footage of the Prancing Horse’s next-generation supercar undergoing testing on public roads. The prototype is covered from head to toe in digital camouflage, but there’s one design element that can’t be hidden—an absolutely massive rear wing.

Varryx’s video may be only 40 seconds long but it offers up a couple of tantalizing hints about the eagerly anticipated vehicle. The first is that the LaFerrari’s follow-up will likely have an aggressively styled body. It looks as if the supercar will ditch the brand’s traditional sleek design language for something much bolder. Its lines are sharper and the vents and air intakes are bigger than we’re used to from the marque. The combination of a giant rear wing and equally prominent diffuser calls to mind the F40 and F50, rather than any of the models the brand has put out in recent years, and that includes LaFerrari.

The other telling detail is all the high-voltage stickers strewn across the car’s intricately patterned wrap. Road & Track points out that those emblems all but confirm that the two-door will feature a hybrid powertrain, just like its limited-run predecessor. LaFerrari—which translates to “The Ferrari” in Italian—was powered by a longitudinally mounted 6.3-liter V-12 aided by an electric motor that was capable of pumping out up to 950 horses and 664 ft lbs of twist.

Ferrari's new supercar prototype was recently spotted on public roads for the first time

Ferrari’s new supercar prototype was recently spotted on public roads for the first time. Varryx/YouTube

Ferrari confirmed that the LaFerrari’s successor was on the way last summer, but that’s basically all we know about the car at this point. An image that accompanied the announcement suggested it would be more powerful than the all-wheel-drive SF90 Stradale, which has a hybridized twin-turbo V-8 that produces a more-than-respectable 986 hp and 590 ft lbs of torque. As for when the supercar may arrive, reported last year that it could make its debut in late 2024, with a high-performance variant launching two years later.